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Why is there no perfect smoothness after the sugaring?

Why is there no perfect smoothness after the sugaring?

The popularity of sugaring  grows with every day. Women love its  environmental friendliness, safety, efficiency and almost  painlessness. You can use this method to remove hair from any part of the body, including  face and the bikini area. Despite the professionalism of experienced sugaring practitioner, sometimes there are situations when after the procedure the skin is not as smooth as the client expects. Why does it happen?  

The causes of "stubs" after the sugaring 
The quick appearance of prickly sprouting hairs and lack of smoothness of the skin after sugaring has a number of reasons:
•    improper preparation of the skin for the procedure;
•    hair was too short. The paste couldn't grab a hair well enough to remove it from the root;
•    not following the technique of epilation and, as a consequence, hairs broke off;
•    insufficient qualification of the practitioner;
•    uneven growth of hair on the body. As a result, the hairs, which were still under the skin at the time of epilation, soon after made their way through and began to grow. Regular sugar epilation will help to eliminate this problem. 

Short hair, uneven growth, and breakage during the sugaring procedure are the main reasons for the lack of perfectly smooth skin. With a hair length of less than 3 mm (0.11 inches), it is impossible to perform high quality sugar epilation. After applying the paste, it is not possible to achieve a firm grip. As a result, the shortest hairs stay, not letting the skin feel perfectly  smooth and soft.
The unevenness of the hair growth leads to difference in its length. More than 30% of it is in the follicles under the skin and after the sugaring hairs appear above the skin surface. You can remove a hair from a follicle when it's 4-8 mm (0.15-0.31 inches) long, it means the hair is in the stage of active growth. Next time they will appear in about 3-4 months. Subcutaneous hairs, starting their rapid growth after the sugaring,  lead to the rapid emergence of new hair.
The hair breakage during the sugaring is very often the result of the wrong technique. Choosing  wrong paste density (too hard for certain skin areas) does not allow to have a high quality procedure and as a result,  to get the smooth, soft skin.
Having eliminated such errors, you can achieve excellent results and admire beautiful, perfectly smooth legs for several weeks.

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