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LUXURY PRO - The Sugar System

The Sugar System

We're glad to offer you our new system that makes sugaring much easier.

LUXURY PRO - THE SUGAR SYSTEM This is a 4 steps system.

Each step can include several cosmetic products.

The first step is the most important one. It includes all scrubs and exfoliating products that we have in our product line. It is crucial to use a scrub before the sugaring procedure as it helps to prepare the skin for the procedure. The line of the dry scrubs with a green "butterfly" sign comprises signature products that were developed specially for those who work with the sugar paste. Why? Unlike other products that you can buy at any beauty store, our DRY scrubs do not contain any additives (oils or any other moisturizers) which can leave the oily residue on your client's skin. Any moisturizing agents decrease "stickiness" of the sugar paste and make your work ineffective.

  • SUGAR SCRUB with pieces of APRICOT seeds and young bamboo extract. Soft and very delicate.
  • SUGAR SCRUB with ground COFFEE. Energizing and vitalizing your skin! A little coarser. This is the best solution for those who want the maximal effect.

The second step, the products of which softly prepare the skin for the sugaring. These products are used for removing the residue and cleaning the skin after using scrubs. The products of this step are of two types: first is with the Hazel Witch hydrolate, the second one contains 14% of ethyl alcohol. Why we include alcohol in our product? It allows to achieve the best results during the procedure. The product effectively removes any fatty film, including a natural one, "degreasing" the skin. This is the most important step that will determine how well the whole procedure will go!

  • PRE-TREAT - the products based on Witch Hazel hydrolate. Witch Hazel hydrolate is a great antiseptic. Also, it softens the skin, closes pores, prevents inflammations.
  • PRE-TREAT + 14% ethyl alcohol - is also made with Witch Hazel hydrolate, but it contains alcohol as it is the best degreasing solution. This step is the core of your success and the most important component of the procedure. This product is the must-have for any sugaring professional.

This is the third step that includes the sugar paste itself. The whole line of LUXURY PRO is represented in this step.

  • SOFT - the softest paste in the system. Requires solid skill in sugaring.
  • GENTLE - a delicate, soft paste for light and soft hair.
  • ULTRA - a medium, multi-purpose paste. Can be used on any skin areas.
  • ULTIMA - the hardest paste. It is used on the "warmest" skin areas or for warm environment/esthetician's hands. Armpits, bikini, Brazilian bikini, in summer, and so on.

At this step, we have all the products that you can use after the procedure. Tonics with natural hydrolates soothe, moisturize and nourish skin. They are the perfect solution for completing a professionally done procedure!

  • POST-TREAT TONIC LAVENDER - is the French lavender hydrolate based product. It provides a complex effect: soothes the irritated and dry skin, helps fight inflammations the oily skin is prone to, improves the health of hypersensitive skin, deodorizes it. Fresh, foggy-soft lavender flower scent and antiseptic qualities of the hydrolate are successfully used in the intimate hygiene products. Lavender water is felt well by any skin areas, even the most sensitive and delicate ones.
  • POST-TREAT TONIC CHAMOMILE - Chamomile water gently treats even the most sensitive skin, soothes irritations, softly cleans and soothes the skin. It is the perfect remedy for the dry and weather skin, it protects and reinforces its regeneration.

All our products contain only natural ingredients, carefully chosen to prevent any skin irritation.
We use only natural resources for enhancement of your beauty!