FREE SAMPLES for hair removal

We are proud to present our clients such a big variety of free hair removal samples.

No one else does it!

We could have sold them but NO!

We love you so much, our friends, that we did our best to provide you with the maximum satisfaction from our cooperation. While other companies make tiny samples which are not enough to see if the product is good, we’re giving you a whole item of our sugar paste, 12 oz each! You won’t find similar offers anywhere else! We’d be glad to present you with additional types of our sugar paste when you order any item of the sugar paste in our store.

For example:

  • You have ordered 1 item of Luxury PRO - ULTRA 43 oz for $30 –and we give you 2 samples, 12 oz each, of different firmness.
  • You have ordered 3 items of different types (GENTLE/ULTRA/ULTIMA) – and we’ll add 1 or 2 samples.
  • When you order in bulk for your Beauty Salon, we’ll try to add as many samples as possible so your estheticians could try the whole range of firmness!

* the availability of samples depends on the production capacity, and we don’t always have them in stock. Our managers decide whether to add samples or not for each order individually. The priority is our new clients and for bulk orders. We are trying our best to supply each order with as many samples as we can. Thank you for understanding!