Sugaring Factory


Sugaring is best known for its effectiveness and suitability for all skin types and body zones. To obtain the best results, you need professional cosmetic products. The Sugaring Factory is one of the vendors that provide sugar pastes, tonics, scrubs, lotions, and other supplements for sugaring hair removal. Our ingredients are purely organic and do not cause irritation. We supply our products to salons everywhere, and both customers and beauticians appreciate the quality. Check out all the sale offers on the website, buy in bulk or by individual item, and receive discounts and other bonuses.

BOHEMIA for Silky Skin

The Sugaring Factory is a producer of professional skin care products based in the USA that manufactures the BOHEMIA line. This product was developed based on years of feedback from our clients, and only it is made only with natural elements. We offer sugaring paste black and white (medium, soft, and hard). These products do not require pre-heating, and they can be used to remove even the shortest hairs. The formula shows its efficiency with hairs of all types and thicknesses. This is an expert line developed for salon professionals, and it can be applied using several different techniques.

The Black Sugaring Paste for Detox

The black line includes charcoal as an active element to detox to cleanse the pores. It makes the whole process easier and more comfortable. Aloe Vera provides a vitamin boost and additional nourishment for your skin.

The White Sugaring Paste for Sensitive Zones

The white line contains zinc oxide that helps to reduce inflammation, soothing very delicate skin. It minimizes pain and has a minor exfoliating effect.

Sugaring with BOHEMIA

Sugaring techniques vary, but the skincare routine is the same:

  • Prepare your skin for the procedure using our pre-cleanser, which helps to get rid of excessive grease particles and add more moisture.
  • Then, for delicate areas like the bikini zone, use the BOHEMIA bikini mask, which provides a more active moisturization.
  • To feel more comfortable during the procedure, apply a bit of BOHEMIA stardust, so it is easier to handle the sugar paste (white or black).
  • BOHEMIA post lotion helps your skin feel cared for after the procedure. The organic oils nourish the skin and help it heal.

BOHEMIA sugaring pastes are easy to order online. We also provide ready sets of products and separate cosmetic items with great discounts. The Sugaring Factory cooperates only with professionals on a business-to-business basis. Our cosmetics are allergy-free, top quality, and created to the strictest standards of the sector.