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Medium Sugar Paste

Sometimes it's difficult to decide which product to choose for depilation. Don’t hesitate, and take the classic medium paste. It is a universal tool for hair removal, which includes the best qualities of hard and soft pastes.

Classic sugaring paste medium is a product that will suit those who have already had some experience in using wax.

It can be mixed with a hard paste that will give you some great results. This is a precious beauty tool that works great in beauty salons.

The components are 100% natural and do not cause any redness or allergies:

  • Natural Sugar
  • Organic Citric Acid
  • Purified Water

What Is Classic Sugaring Paste Medium?

Sugar paste middle or medium is delicate yet strong. It is an ideal choice both for a specialist and a client when:

  • the beautician has some experience or is a professional;
  • the depilation is manual or with the use of bandage and squeegee techniques;
  • the depilation area is large;
  • it's a cool environment;
  • the hairs are either rigid or soft;

Can I Use Sugar Wax for Facial Hair Removal?

The sugar wax for face hair removal softly treats the skin above the lip while sticking firmly to thin hairs. It is safe and simple.

The medium paste will make different body parts perfectly clean, and no shaving will be required. There are no limits to its application. A tip for pros: this product can be mixed with a harder paste, and it will give astonishing results. The medium sugar paste doesn't require any preheating. You can buy wax or lotion to create a hair removal procedure worthy of Cleopatra.

To achieve the best results, make sure:

  • to apply medium paste wearing gloves;
  • to dry the skin with talc if necessary;
  • to tear off the piece along the skin surface.

The sugaring paste can be under your brand's name. Private label sugar paste makes it easier for you to advertise your brand and provide a high-quality product.

The Sugaring Store knows everything about safe ways to stay beautiful and is happy to help you along the way too.