Sugaring Factory


LUXURY GREEN sugar paste is a unique product created by Sugaring Factory specialists, especially for vegans. The assortment includes green sugar pastes of any density: soft, medium, and firm. This allows you to choose a suitable product for the effective removal of unwanted hair in any body area.

LUXURY GREEN Sugar Paste: Product Description

  • Delicate hair removal product contains only natural ingredients. The composition does not include dyes, flavors, and other harmful chemical additives.
  • Products from the LUXURY GREEN line are made using only sugar, purified water, and organic citric acid.
  • Only organic components in the composition make the hair removal product safe even for sensitive skin.
  • Sugar pastes from the LUXURY GREEN line provide a long-lasting effect for up to 4 weeks.
  • Sugaring paste for vegans completely covers the skin, penetrating the hair follicles, which ensures gentle removal of hair from the root.
  • The constant use of Luxury Green sugar paste will not only effectively remove hairs but will also slow down their growth over time.
  • LUXURY GREEN sugar paste is very easy and convenient to apply on the skin.
  • The product does not require preheating. The product is ready for use immediately. Do not heat sugaring paste in the microwave.
  • Due to its unique composition that provides maximum elasticity, sugaring paste ensures hair removal without injury and damage to the skin. When using sugar paste, the hair does not break off. You can avoid hair ingrowth and skin irritation.

About Sugaring Paste Manufacturer

Sugaring Factory is a well-known manufacturer of sugar pastes, which has been operating in the USA market for more than 7 years. The company offers professional products for depilation for beauty salons and individual masters, which you can purchase both wholesale and retail. If you want to buy a high-quality sugar paste at the best price, just choose the suitable product.

Sugaring Factory produces exclusively natural cosmetics for effective hair removal. High-quality sugar pastes are always on sale and you can order them both separately and in sets at competitive prices.

The LUXURY GREEN series especially was created by Sugaring Factory, especially for vegans' needs. The product is suitable for both salon and home use.

The vendor uses modern equipment and professional formulation to produce safe for human and environmentally friendly hair removal cosmetics. The company is committed to long-term cooperation with beauty salons and individual masters. Therefore Sugaring Factory offers an exceptionally high-quality and effective product.

All products included in the Luxury Green line do not require preheating, so they are very convenient to use. The sugar paste should be applied to clean and dry skin. Do not use creams and lotions before the procedure.

Sugaring has contraindications. You should not use sugar paste to remove hair if you have such diseases as diabetes mellitus, a significant decrease in blood clotting, thrombophlebitis, skin ailments, acne, and skin damage in the depilation area.