Sugaring Factory


New Product for Professional Beauty Salons and Home Use - LUXEPIL PRO Organic Wax Beans for Hair Removal

For 3 years we have been perfecting a unique formula for your business. We know everything about sugar paste, but we decided to go further and give you the best in waxing as well.

We are faithful to our journey, using only natural and most efficient ingredients. The main ingredient for our wax is natural rosin. Rosin is the solidified, distilled form of resins from pine, cedar, spruce, fir and juniper. It also contains coconut oil and essential oils.

Our wax does not require the use of strips. A standard wax warmer, nitrile gloves and disposable, wooden applicators are all you need to get a beautiful result!

Specifically, our wax is a "film hard wax” which means it does not require high heat, so risk of burning is minimal. It is also easier to remove from the skin and removes hair more effectively.

The variety of colors and scents will brighten up your business. We offer different styles of waxes for all hair types.