Disclaimer - Eva Moss - CEO & Founder Sugaring Factory LLCDear Friends!

Sugaring Factory supports and respects the humans' right to freedom of choice in any form.

This means that when we opened our company, we decided to sell our products to everyone without any restrictions. We do our best to provide you the best quality at the most affordable price. We know that the use of sugaring paste requires special skills and knowledge that can be obtained through the following courses provided by our colleagues in the beauty industry. This is a great opportunity to get a new profession, to polish your skill and gain confidence in your future.

However, we strongly believe that it is wrong to restrict your right to choose means and methods for the realization of your opportunities, plans, and desires. We do not impose any mandatory courses, tests or obtaining licenses and certificates, except in cases where it is required by the US law.

Strictly follow the instructions, do not violate the rules and regulations of using the paste and conducting the sugaring procedure. We are applying the common sense and believe that no material (it's the not the gun that shoots but a person) can injure or harm your customer or you, but the low qualification or lack of knowledge.
We all are different, all of us have different abilities, talents, and ways to find our unique path to success. Each of you, as a self-confident adult, is a definitely wonderful person, and has an unconditional right to be what he or she wants and do what he or she thinks will be the best, in any suitable manner.
We respect you, our dear and beloved friends, and we are sure that you are guided by the same motivation as well.

Buying our products, please, be confident in yourself, your skills and the desire to grow as a professional.