Sugaring Factory


The Sugaring Factory makes a unique line of products, waxes, sugar pastes and other elements for sugaring procedures. Our mission is to ensure soft and silky skin over an extended period of time. We are one of the best-known producers of professional cosmetics for hair removal, and we supply our products to numerous beauty salons.

Try LUXURY PRO Line from the Sugaring Factory

The company manufactures a line of pastes made using pure organic components. These are sugar, water, and a little bit of lemon juice. Our LUXURY PRO line is here to help you remove hair from any zone. It includes pastes of various hardnesses:

  1. Soft. This is the most delicate type in our line, and it can cover large body areas.
  2. Gentle. This is denser and is perfect for the legs and other large areas. This Soft Sugar paste is great when used with squeegee and bandage techniques.
  3. Ultra. This is the most elastic type, and it’s ideal for all purposes. It is suitable for manual, bandage, and other depilation techniques.
  4. Ultima. This paste has the highest thickness. You can apply it on the bikini zone and the underarms, and it is ideal when used with manual depilation methods.

None of these sugaring pastes require preheating to work efficiently. The leftovers can be removed using water. Over time, this procedure will help to reduce hair growth and make regrowth thinner and softer. The all-natural ingredients ensure that there’s no irritation or redness.

Get Ready for Sugaring

The Sugaring process involves several stages to prepare the skin and care for it afterwards. Sugaring Factory assists here:

  1. Exfoliation is a must. To enhance the effect, it is necessary to scrub the skin in the areas you plan to depilate. The Sugaring Factory offers delicate scrubs that gently remove excess skin cells.
  2. Cleansing. Next, you have to wash away the leftovers from the scrub. We can also recommend Pre-Treatment items from the Sugaring Factory’s professional product lineup.
  3. Sugaring. Select the paste according to the technique and the area of application. This can minimize the pain and level of discomfort.
  4. Afterwards, we recommend moisturizing the skin and calming it with our CHAMOMILE TONIC.

The company provides a comprehensive sugaring kit for sale. It has everything the cosmetologist needs to perform the whole procedure and will leave the client with a soft and silky result that will last long. Feedback from our loyal customers inspires us to create more innovative cosmetics that can ease discomfort and simplify the entire depilation process.

Multiple Benefits of the Sugaring Factory

Then Sugaring Factory is one of the top vendors producing natural cosmetics for silky soft skin. We sell our products at reasonable prices and maintain their high quality using special equipment. We offer tonics, scrubs, sugar wax and other cosmetics on our website. Our LUXURY PRO Sugaring Paste line is offered for wholesale or retail purchases in the USA. We also offer a convenient and intuitive website where you can place an individual order, get help, and obtain more detailed information about the Sugaring Factory’s products. Order today to benefit from a special offer on our organic sugar pastes.