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Home care in between sugaring procedures

Home care in between sugaring procedures

For three weeks, and it's recommended having sugaring procedure every three weeks, the skin needs special care. Despite the relative safety and gentleness of the sugaring procedure, due to individual characteristics of the area of exposure, irritations, skin tightness and even inflamed rashes may occur. Proper care and hygiene will help to avoid these problems even with hypersensitivity of the skin.

Skin regeneration after sugaring
• Peeling will help to renew the skin in between visits to a  sugaring  salon. Scrub, made at home or a professional remedy helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, rapid restoration of damaged hair follicles, and prevents ingrown hairs. When the skin condition is unsatisfactory, the peeling should be done 3-4 times a week.
• If there is a visible scaling, the skin should be lubricated with a moisturizing cream with 3-5 applications during the day; 
• If the immune system is compromised  the treated area can become covered with a herpes-like rash which  is a body reaction to the stress. Treatment of the area with antiseptics will  help to restore the normal condition of the skin. To get rid of irritation you can also use natural tinctures with anti-inflammatory effect, containing calendula, sage, oak bark;
• If after a sugaring you noticed bruising, it means that blood vessels are close to the dermis surface. This might be an individual feature or result of the not best work of a practitioner:  hair removal was slow or in the wrong direction.

How to deal with ingrown hairs at home? 
To eliminate ingrown hairs after sugaring, use our signature scrub with ground coffee beans or apricot kernels. The mixture is applied on the warmed up ( use hot shower, bath or sauna) skin and in light circular motions is massaged. Then the skin is rinsed with water. If there is an inflammation on the skin,  first apply any antiseptic, and then perform scrubbing. Following these simple rules of skin care in between sugaring procedures will help you to always have a smooth and healthy skin.

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