Sugaring Factory

Hard Sugar Paste

Shiny, moisturized silk-like skin without irritation sounds too good to be true, right? Hard sugaring paste provides the best results! It is also easy for a beautician to apply, even at the beginning of their career. The product is for professional and semi-professional use.

All the ingredients are natural and minimize the risk of allergy:

  • Natural sugar
  • Organic citric acid
  • Purified water

What Is Sugaring Paste Hard?

This kind of beauty product has a high hardness. It is an ideal choice both for the specialist and the client when:

  • the beautician has little or no experience;
  • the depilation is performed manually;
  • the depilation area is small;
  • it's a warm environment;
  • hairs are rigid and coarse.

Can I Use Sugar Paste for Brazilian Bikini Depilation?

The structure of hair in the bikini area is often coarse, yet the skin is sensitive. Such a combination requires a product that will be merciless to hair and caring to the skin surface.

The unique characteristics of sugar paste for bikini zones make this task possible. To accomplish the procedure successfully, make sure:

  • to use the nitrile gloves;
  • to apply the hard paste to dry skin;
  • to tear the paste in a fast movement, in the direction of hair growth, not against it.

This product is also suitable for the armpit area. You can buy a sugaring wax to compliment the hair removal procedure. Sugaring wax paste is of a hard texture, too.

This wonderful item can be under your own brand's name. Private label sugar paste is a good option for those who love the product and want to provide it to their clients in a unique design. The Sugaring Store is a reliable partner with more than seven years of experience in delivering beauty.