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Soft Sugar Paste

Sensitive skin doesn’t like being exposed to different hair removal substances. Burns, irritation, or even allergies are the result of an incorrect choice of a product.

Soft sugar paste is something that is safe to use on the skin all over the body. The product is for beauty salons and professional use.

Though it's friendly to a client's epidermis, to beauticians it's a tool that requires skillfulness. It doesn’t need to be preheated, but it requires some practice to apply and remove. Since it is recommended for large areas of skin, the process of applying and removing has its difficulties.

The ingredients are of an organic origin and don’t cause irritation:

  • Natural sugar
  • Organic citric acid
  • Purified water

What Is Soft Sugar Paste?

This kind of beauty product is created for gentle hair removal, which makes it an ideal choice both for a specialist and a client when:

  • the beautician has enough experience;
  • the application techniques employ a bandage and a squeegee;
  • the tools for application are the strips, sugaring applicator, or spatula;
  • the depilation area is large;
  • it's a cold environment;
  • the hairs are fine and light.

Can I Use This Paste for Body Sugaring?

The product is good for all types of hair, especially thin ones, or those that have never been shaved before. Often it is facial hair, where the skin’s reaction should be carefully controlled.

However, the product is sticky enough to be used on different body parts, such as the bikini zone, armpits, legs, and hands. Whichever body part needs depilation, the soft sugaring paste will do it delicately and safely. To accomplish the procedure successfully, make sure:

  • to protect your hands;
  • to exfoliate the skin before depilation;
  • to apply the soft paste evenly;
  • if skin reacts to a beauty product, try it first on a small area of the body for an allergy check.

You can buy a body sugaring paste along with different kinds of wax or lotions to compliment the procedure and turn the whole process into a relaxing beauty ceremony. This paste can also be used to soften the texture of other pastes.

You can place an order for the paste to be produced under your brand name. Private label sugar paste will satisfy your clients' needs, and they'll remember your brand because of it.

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