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Wholesale Sugaring Paste

Do you have a large client base? Excellent! We can offer you our best-value discount. Save 30% or 40%, unbelievable! Sugaring hair removal products wholesale – is a great chance to save, with no loss of quality.

Wholesale Sugaring Paste

It’s not easy to remove hair from various body parts without experiencing pain and irritation afterward. If you are looking for a solution, a sugaring wax wholesale from the Sugaring Factory is a great way to enjoy smooth and silky skin for a long time without any redness or bumps. So, forget about shaving and other costly procedures; now, you can get rid of stubborn hair with our best-made eco-friendly cosmetics.

Reasons to Choose the Sugaring Factory

The Sugaring Factory is a professional company with over eight years of experience in the cosmetics market. We make natural sugar waxing bulk and other supplemental products like scrubs for hair removal procedures. We only sell our pro lines to highly qualified salon professionals on a B2B basis. Today we are happy to announce that we offer wholesale sugar paste supply at an attractive price. Purchase our best deals for your salon to engage more customers. With our help, you can even create your own private label sugar paste. This is one of the great options we provide our loyal customers.

Quality Sugaring Wax Wholesale for Your Business

These days, the sugaring hair removal technique is growing in popularity. The sugaring procedure has many benefits, starting with the natural ingredients employed. This is because the procedure works with all skin and hair types and can be applied to any body part without causing excessive pain, red spots, or irritation. A professional salon specialist will carefully handle any area, from fine facial hair to delicate zones. It is easy to place the sugaring mixture and work with it throughout the process. Besides, after the procedure is complete, the paste can be dissolved in warm water without leaving any sticky traces.

The Sugaring Factory produces high-quality pure biological products using modern equipment, which is a great reason to purchase our sugar paste hair removal kit:

  1. It is cheaper than buying it separately.
  2. There are several types of pastes for any area of the body.
  3. You receive an additional discount by purchasing the ready kit from the Sugaring Factory.

It won’t just leave your customers pleased with an excellent service but also provide you with free advertising among potential clients. Select our wholesale sugar paste for bikini and other parts with a great discount. These products are available on the website in packages of three and four.

Types of Sugar Waxing Wholesale

We offer wholesale sugar wax hair removal product lines, so you only get the first-class sugar pastes you require for your customers. For example, our Luxury Pro line includes several variations on the pastes:

  1. Soft elastic;
  2. Medium hardness;
  3. All-purpose;
  4. Hardest hardness.

None of them need preheating before usage, and they are all suitable for eradicating hair from all body areas. It makes no difference which technique you perform; our body sugaring paste products are suitable for bondage, squeegee, and other techniques. As one of the wholesale sugar paste suppliers, the Sugaring Factory has special prices for its sets. This way, you get to receive sugar paste at a reasonable price sacrificing quality.

Wholesale Sugar Paste Options

Many people stick with the hair removal technique they’re most comfortable with, so to simplify their routine and maintain the smoothness of the skin, we can provide you with a sugar paste bulk buy option. We have Triple and Luxury sets of sugaring cosmetics suitable for discerning customers.

All our wholesale deals are gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and made of natural components. One set can have wax of different kinds, from soft to medium thickness. Thus, by buying in bulk, you get the products you need for all the services you provide. We guarantee you fast and visible results right after the procedure. Try the Sugaring Factory deals with a huge discount to stock your salon with top professional cosmetics.

Sugaring paste wholesale – a chance to buy sugaring paste at wholesale prices with a breathtaking discount. We suggest a perfect deal. Look no further – we have the best deals on sugaring past, helping you to earn more. Professional waxing bulk at a discount of 30-40% to help increase your income and and number of clients.

You already know our product, its constant stability, and quality. Now, if you are buying it in wholesale, you have a great chance to save, ordering a well known product. Waxing supplies wholesale is advantageous and convenient!

Build your business right – buy sugar paste bulk from Sugaring Factory!

* Waxing supplies wholesale – is not the only interesting deal. Follow up the latest, sales and special deals and save on your purchase of sugaring paste!