Sugaring Factory

Instructions for beginners

How to use Sugaring Paste properly:

  1. Hair must be at least 0.3 inches (5-6 mm) long.
  2. Always use nitrile gloves.
  3. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the area of hair removal. Sprinkle it with some drying powder if needed.
  4. If necessary, slightly preheat the paste by using standard waxing warmer.
  5. Apply some sugar paste on the area you are removing hair from. Pull the skin with your free hand.
  6. With a quick movement tear the paste according to the hair growth and along the skin surface.
  7. You can use the same piece of sugar paste until it starts sticking to your hands.
  8. If needed remove the traces of the paste using waxing strips or wash them away with warm water.

Don't be afraid of the sugar paste. Don’t rush and don’t panic if the paste spreads “weirdly, not as it should”. 
Don’t be too careful with the paste: it’s better to scoop more than to make the procedure long and tiring. 
A lot depends on the technique of applying the paste and the practitioner’s skills. But it’s very easy to learn to get excellent results.

Be patients and don’t give up. We’re sure you’ll succeed!