Sugaring Factory

What you shouldn’t nickel-and-dime on in sugaring?

There are two answers to this question.

A simple one and a complex one. We'll start with the simple one.

Simple: You cannot cut cost on sugaring paste. And of course, you will immediately think, yes, what else they can advise as manufacturers? Buy more, spend more! But it's not that easy.

Complex: When we say sugaring we don’t mean the paste only, we’re talking about the whole procedure.
What is sugaring? Is it only the sugar paste itself? Sugaring is a style of life. It is a choice if you want to put it like that. The choice to be well-groomed, beautiful, smell good and has a gentle, silky skin. Apart from having unnecessary hair removed, you also need the appropriate care.

Do not forget to apply the scrub at least once in 3-4 days, moisturize the skin, let it breathe, do not overdry your skin, avoid sunburns, always rinse your skin after bathing in salt water and much more.
When we put it all together: all the lotions, scrubs, tonics, moisturizing milk, creams, products against ingrown hairs, masks, conditioners and so on, it turns out to be quite expensive.

We’re talking about a completely different thing that just money.

Do you want to save on yourself and your health?

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