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What you shouldn’t nickel-and-dime on in sugaring?

What you shouldn’t nickel-and-dime on in sugaring?

Many women have tried sugar depilation at least once in their lives. But not everyone is familiar with the rules for preparing your skin for sugaring. It depends on the right preparation of the skin, how comfortable, painless, and fast the procedure will be, and how long you will enjoy its result. And this preparation should not begin in the salon but at home a few days before the sugaring. Also, do not forget that proper care before hair removal with sugar paste is as important as sugaring aftercare. Sugaring Factory experts have prepared for you a small sugaring facts guide on what you should and should not do before and after the sugaring procedure to achieve the best result that will please you for a long time.

How to Properly Prepare the Skin for Sugaring?

How to Properly Prepare the Skin for Sugaring?

To properly prepare the skin for sugar depilation, be sure to take into account a few tips from the master:

  • Cleanse your skin properly. Use a scrub 3 days before the procedure. It will slightly lift the hairline. This will make it easier to remove hair that is close to the skin. It will also reduce discomfort and pain by decreasing the adhesion of the sugar paste and the skin. In addition, scrubbing removes keratinized scales and improves the condition of epithelial cells.

  • If you plan to remove facial hair, then on the day of the procedure it is better not to apply makeup (the master will remove it anyway). Use an exfoliating paste with enzymes 2-3 days before the sugaring.

  • Pay attention to personal hygiene. The skin before depilation should be dry and clean. Before going to the master, take a shower but do not lubricate the skin with greasy creams in places where you plan to remove hair. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for the master to grab the hair. Then the sugar mass will have to be applied several times, which will increase the likelihood of skin injury and the time of the procedure.

  • Be sure to note that the optimal hair length is within 1/5 inch. If the hair is shorter, the specialist will not be able to capture it with paste for sugaring. If the hair is longer, the procedure will take more time and cause more pain.

Don’ts Before Sugaring

If you are planning an appointment with a sugaring technician in the next few days, you should not do the things listed below:

  • 2-3 days before the procedure, avoid going to the solarium and sunbathing. The sun can make the skin more sensitive.

  • Be sure to consider the menstrual cycle. This rule especially applies to deep bikini sugaring treatment. Masters recommend hair removal in the middle of the cycle since at this time the pain is minimal. The most painful period is 3-5 days before the start of the cycle and during ovulation. At this time, sugaring should not be done.

  • Immediately before sugaring, it is worth refusing to go to the sauna and use creams and lotions.

  • 3 days before hair removal, avoid chemical peeling and laser resurfacing.

  • Don’t take medicines with retinol in the composition. The component provokes peeling. So the skin can easily be damaged during the removal of the paste.

Don’ts Before Sugaring

How to Take Care of the Skin After Sugaring?

What to do after sugar waxing? To minimize the possibility of side effects, try to follow a few simple recommendations about post-sugaring care:

  • In the first stage after the procedure, wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics that will not rub against sensitive and damaged areas of the body. For example, opt for loose-fitting trousers or oversized dresses.

  • Moisturize your skin often and use anti-ingrown and hair growth-retardant lotions.

  • By the end of the second day, you can use a soft scrub to provide sugaring after care.

  • Try not to shave your hair between treatments to maintain the cumulative effect.

What You Should Not Do After the Sugaring Procedure?

Remember, sugaring does not end on the day of the procedure. There are some nuances to make the skin recover faster and better. For example, during the next day, it is not recommended to visit a sauna, a bath, a swimming pool, beaches, and other places where active exposure to the sun or skin friction is expected. You should not engage in sports and outdoor activities for 24 hours after sugaring. Therefore, it is better to take this into account in advance so as not to change your plans at the last moment.

The secret to the success of sugaring largely depends on the client's mood. Try not to worry about the procedure. If you don’t forget about the advice of professionals, safety, and effect will be at a maximum. A simple preparation of the skin before the treatment with sugar paste will relieve inflammation and pain. And following the master’s recommendations after the procedure will allow you to maintain smooth skin for at least 3-4 weeks.

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