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Sugaring techniques for beginners and professionals

Sugaring techniques for beginners and professionals

Smooth, healthy skin has been a criterion of female beauty since ancient times. Depilation remains one of the most effective methods of removing body hair for a long time. Especially popular today is sugaring. In this article, we will talk about sugaring techniques.

Benefits of Sugaring

Sugaring is a depilation technique based on the use of sugar compound properties to remove hair by mechanical means. Hairs stick to the viscous sweet mass, which allows you to remove them from the root. The sugars (glucose and fructose) coat the hair follicle. So the procedure is less painful than waxing.

An important feature of the sugaring technique is the removal of mass from the skin surface in the direction of hair growth. In combination with the enveloping properties of the high-quality sugaring paste, this reduces pain and the likelihood of injury to the dermis.

Talking about what is sugaring, we must mention the advantages of the sugaring technique:

  • Efficiency. The procedure allows you to get rid of all types of hair in different parts of the body for a period of 20 to 30 days, depending on individual physiological characteristics.
  • Security. Deep penetration of the sugar mass to the hair roots prevents skin damage and irritation. You don’t need to heat sugaring paste to a high temperature that excludes the possibility of burns. The method is successfully used to remove hair not only on the body but also on the face, in the bikini area, and in the armpits.
  • Hypoallergenic. Sugar pastes from such reliable manufacturers as Sugaring Factory are made from natural ingredients with a high safety index. The recipe includes only sugar, water, and citric acid. Sugaring methods are suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Affordable price. The procedure itself and the sugar pastes are not expensive. But with a professional approach, you will get a good result that will last for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Sugaring has a lot of benefits. One of the most important advantages is a low level of pain compared to alternative methods of removing hair from the root. Contraindications to the method are minimized and include diabetes mellitus, irritations, neoplasms on the skin, and individual intolerance to the components of the paste.

The Most Popular Sugaring Techniques

Several sugaring techniques are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Our sugaring tips will help you achieve the maximum effect from each technique.

Manual Technique

Manual Technique

The manual sugar wax technique does not require additional devices. The procedure is done by hand with a dense paste, less often a medium one. The mass for sugaring should be plastic and not stick to the hands.

The dense paste is kneaded before application until the necessary plasticity and pliability are achieved. A piece of the mass used should be small, the size of a quail egg or a walnut.

With a manual depilation technique, you should apply the paste over the prepared surface with your hands, moving to the side against hair growth. Then, with a quick and clear movement, remove the “stick” in the direction of hair growth, pulling the skin with the other hand in the opposite direction.

Manual sugaring allows you to achieve clean skin without unwanted hair. A ball of caramel is used more than once. It is re-kneaded and applied again. You should change the ball only when the sticky properties of the material are lost or the mass is clogged with hairs.

Application Method

Applications are performed according to the rules of the basic manual sugaring waxing technique. The method provides deep penetration of caramel paste to the hair roots.

The technique has the following features:

  • The use of hard wax.
  • Leaving the paste on the skin for a minute.
  • Removal of "sticks" in the usual manual way in the same sequence in which they were applied.

With the help of applications, you can get rid of coarse hair (bikini area). Due to the longer exposure time, the sweet mass penetrates well into the hair follicle and envelops the bulb, which facilitates the epilation process.

Bandage Method

For bandage sugaring, you need a spatula to evenly distribute the paste over the surface of the skin. To remove the composition you should use bandages. Bandages are paper or fabric strips with good adhesion. Synthetic bandages are produced in the form of finished strips or rolled tape.

The technique of bandage sugaring is as follows:

  • Prepare the area for depilation.
  • Distribute the mass with a spatula in the direction against hair growth over the surface of the skin, trying to form a standard layer.
  • Bandage strips are applied over the composition, smoothing with a hand and leaving a free edge for capture in the upper part.
  • Count up to three (for sticking and enveloping the base of the hairs).
  • Remove the bandage in the direction of hair growth with a confident and quick movement, pulling the skin up from the free edge of the bandage.

For the bandage technique of sugar depilation, you should purchase a soft or medium-density paste, which allows you to get rid of fine hairs. The method is the most simple and takes the minimum of time so it is suitable for beginners. The bandage technique is good for legs and arms.

Sugaring Techniques for Beginners and Professionals

Spatula Method

With the spatula technique, a spatula is used, with which the paste should be applied to the skin, as in the case of bandage sugaring. To remove the mass with adhering hairs you should use the spatula. For this technique, it is better to select medium and dense consistency sugaring pastes.

The spatula technique is hard to perform because it requires skill. So it is not suitable for beginners. The main advantage of the technique is the lack of contact.

Please notice that within 5 - 7 days after the procedure, visits to the pool, baths, saunas, sunbathing, solarium sessions, and increased physical activity are contraindicated.

When the Depilation is completed, you should treat the skin with an antiseptic, after which you can apply a soothing lotion. To avoid ingrown hairs, a week after sugaring or a few days before the next procedure, you can exfoliate the skin with a scrub.

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