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Sugaring techniques for beginners and professionals

Sugaring techniques for beginners and professionals

In order to save time and sugar paste, it’s useful to know which techniques are suitable for beginners, and which are for professionals. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Sugaring techniques for beginners
 Beginners should choose the following sugaring techniques:
1. Manual. The work is done by hands, that’s where the name came from. Manual sugaring technique can be called omni-purpose, as it allows you to remove hair from almost any area: legs, bikini area, abdomen, back, armpits and face. Also, its benefits include minimum pain and discomfort and the ability to get rid of even barely noticeable unwanted hair.The paste to use is dense and medium.
2. Spatula technique.The benefit of this technique is that the practitioner’s hands don’t get tired, the paste doesn’t stick to hands, thus making it the best technique for beginners. Its advantages make the spatula technique the best for beginners. This technique is suitable for removing hair from legs, bikini, underarms, belly and back. The paste to use is medium or soft.
3. Bandage technique. It is easy and quick technique. Using it you can remove hair from any part of the body as long as it grows in one direction. The paste to use is medium or soft.

In addition to abovementioned techniques, the professionals can use the following ones: 
4. Italian glaze.It helps to reduce the time ofremoving hair from arms and legs in half. If the client is a man, then this technique can be applied on the back and shoulders. To perform "Italian glaze" technique you need first to apply soft paste, then –harder paste on top of it and then use the manual method to tear the paste off;
5. Herringbone. It’s ideal for body parts with difficult surface like knees and elbows. Before applying the paste, the arm should be bent at the elbow (leg at the knee)to stretch the skin. Than a strip of paste of average thickness is applied and is torn off in the following manner:"right side - left side" until the whole area is done. 

As for the choice of the paste, it depends on:
• sugaring techniques;
• the client's body temperature –for areas with higher temperatures, the paste should be harder;
• the temperature of the practitioner's hands;
• temperature in the room;
• hair coarseness - the coarser the hair, the harder should bethe paste.
For beginners, it is best to buy a soft and medium paste, suitable for manual, spatula and bandage sugaring techniques. They would be easier to use until enough of experience is gained. 

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