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Is it safe to do epilation of legs with varicose veins?

Epilation and varicose veins: pro and contra

Varicose veins are a known disease of leg veins, when veins get swollen and become visible under the skin. Most often, this problem occurs in women. But each of them wants to have smooth legs. There is a natural question, can I do epilation with varicose veins? Will the disease get worse? It all depends on the stage of the disease and the way the hair is removed.

At what stage of varicose the epilation cannot be done?

There are three stages of varicose veins:

  • Initial – when legs feel heavy and weary, veins are slightly visible through the skin. At this stage, you can do some types of hair removal with caution. Sugaring can safely be done without restriction as it doesn’t heats up veins and does not injure them;
  • Medium - pain and itching occur, the veins protrude slightly above the surface of the skin. In this case, it is no longer desirable to remove hair with epilation, because it can cause injury. However, sugaring is still permissible, as it’s the only method of epilation that can be done in this case without causing damage to the skin and veins;
  • The third stage is expressed by strong protrusion and swelling of the veins and is accompanied by pain in one’s legs. In such cases only depilation - removal of a visible part of hair will be possible. Epilation is strictly prohibited - the veins at this stage are located very closely to the hair follicles. Their injury can cause significant harm to one’s health.

Sugaring is a more delicate varicose waxing method!

What kind of hair removal can be used when a client has varicose veins?

Any kind of epilation removes a hair bulb, which is close to the blood vessels. This can lead to their injury. Also, the methods in which the skin is heated (waxing or using phototherapy) are dangerous. When heated, the blood rushes to the vessels, and since they are fragile in varicose veins, this worsen the disease.

Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to the gentlest types of epilation such as:

  • electro-epilation - the insertion of a needle-electrode with an electric pulse into the hair bulb, which destroys the follicle. The disadvantage of this method is that several dozen sessions are required to remove all the hair. The procedure is characterized by pain and a rather high cost;
  • laser - laser beam targets melanin, which is present in dark hairs, and destroys the follicle. The disadvantage is that the laser simply "does not see" light hairs, and it's also a rather expensive procedure;
  • sugaring is the optimal choice, since the paste does not need to be heated up strongly. It is enough to bring it to the body temperature, and for some areas the room temperature is enough. The price of this method is affordable.

So, we found out that you can have epilation only at the initial and medium stages of varicose veins. And the most suitable and accessible method for this condition is sugaring.

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