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How to increase comfort of your work with sugaring

What can I do to keep my hands from getting tired during a sugaring?

Many practitioners complain that their hands and back hurt by the end of the working day. It gets hard to work for beginners after just a couple of clients. What to do to feel less tired during work?

The prescription for fatigue

To increase comfort of your work, follow the simple rules:

  • "stitch" technique - fast, sharp, not sweeping movements;
  • do not tense hands and wrists;
  • use other techniques, except manual - squeegee, bandage ones;
  • adjust the couch so that it's convenient for you to work, so you don’t have to bend low over the client;
  • take breaks between procedures for at least 15 minutes.

Your hands won’t get tired if you choose the right paste. For each area choose the right paste density. Luxury Home is perfect for the beginners, Luxury Pro - for professionals. Both lines have pastes of different density: soft, medium and hard and for different techniques.

Hands get tired a lot less when paste density is chosen accurately

What paste to choose?

If you are a beginner, use a harder paste for work. The soft paste is more difficult to handle and requires special skill. Apply the paste gently, without pressing it into the skin and tensing your hands.

Not to go over the same area too many times, you need to choose the correct density. The thicker the hair the harder should be the paste. The density of the paste should also be selected based on the room, client's body and practitioner’s palms temperature. The skill of choosing the right paste comes with experience, so after some practice you’ll choose the right density easily.

Why is the paste difficult to apply?

  • The paste can be difficult to apply, it can constantly come off, making your hands tired quickly. The reasons for this may be the following:
  • The paste is too hard. It needs to be kneaded better, until it’s pliable or you can choose a softer paste;
  • The epilated skin area is wet. Sprinkle it with talc and then apply the paste;
  • The hair length is more than 0.25-0.3 inches (7-9 mm) which is too long, making it hard for the paste to grab all hairs, making you put extra effort, and not letting all the hair to be removed with one jerk, which apart from inconvenience of work makes the procedure more painful. Trim the hair to a suitable 0.1-0.2 inches (5-6 mm).

Correct hand positioning

If your hand positioning is incorrect, you’re overstraining your wrist. And also the force with which you tear off the paste decreases, which worsens the overall result.

With manual technique, the role of the spatula is performed by the fingers. They should be tightly pressed together, but not tensed. Applying a piece of paste, relax your wrist. With your free hand, lightly pull the skin against the paste applying direction.

When tearing the paste off, place your hand at the right angle to the skin surface. Bend your fingers as if you’re grabbing a ball. With your free hand, pull the skin against the tear direction - this reduces the pain greatly! Do not strain your wrist when you tear the paste off. With a light but sharp movement, tear the paste off, strictly parallel to the skin surface, along the hair growth. Follow the simple rules, and your hands will make a lot of customers happy!

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