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What is not recommended to do after sugaring?

What you shouldn’t do after sugaring

With improper care after sugaring you might get skin irritation, inflammation and pimples. To avoid this, you must follow certain rules. There are certain limitations that should be observed after the procedure. What is not recommended within 1-3 days after the procedure? Let’s see.

What you shouldn’t do 24 hours after the sugaring? Your skin micro injuries after the sugaring procedure. It becomes susceptible to infections and irritations.

Therefore you must not:

  1. neglect post-care - do not be too lazy and treat the skin with tonic or herbal water with witch hazel to disinfect the micro-injuries;
  2. do exercise - any physical activity leads to intense perspiration, and salty sweat will cause irritation to the newly-epilated skin;
  3. wear tight clothing made of synthetic materials - rubbing can cause severe irritation;
  4. apply products that clog pores (deodorants, oily creams, oils, etc.);
  5. take a shower with aggressive washing products and harsh washcloth;
  6. apply creams, gels, lotions which can contain acid and other substances that can have unpredictable effects on the sensitive skin. Use only special antiseptic, soothing tonics or emulsion based products.

Do not neglect rules of skin care after sugaring!

What you shouldn’t do 3 days after the sugaring?

  1. During first day after epilation you shouldn’t:
  2. sunbathe – your skin after the procedure becomes sensitive, you can easily get sunburnt or pigmented spots;
  3. sleep in underwear after deep bikini epilation - the skin in these areas is very sensitive and gets severely injured due to the coarseness of hair growing in those areas, so any rubbing against clothing will cause inflammation;
  4. wear synthetic underwear – choose cotton or other natural fabrics;
  5. rub your skin with a washcloth or a scrub - the mechanical effect injures your skin even more;
  6. Go to the pool, swim in water – micro injuries make your skin prone to infection;
  7. take a hot bath, go to a sauna - any procedures with high temperatures can cause irritation and micro-burns;
  8. Have cosmetic wrapping, massages, any SPA-procedures, not to irritate the injured skin.

Observe simple restrictions to let the skin recover and do not forget about proper care!

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