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How to choose the paste for work?

How to choose the paste for work?

First off, let’s discuss the composition (or ingredients) of the paste:

Our sugaring paste is all natural and made of 3 very simple ingredients: sugar or its structural components (glucose, fructose), water and citric acid. Natural essential oils or menthol can be added to further sooth or invigorate the skin. Note that all elements as mentioned above are completely natural; thus your clients won't experience any allergic reactions.

Any other additives, perfumes or aromatics in sugaring products should raise a red flag and be avoided at all costs. These additives can negatively affect the structure of the paste and its quality during use. In addition to causing irritation or allergic reactions to your client's skin.

It's worth mentioning that sugaring technology has evolved tremendously with pastes that can be produced without using citric acid at all. But as we’ve mentioned, citric acid becomes neutral during the production of the paste

Now onto paste color:

A high-quality sugaring paste should be transparent and honey colored. If you see a different colored paste in the market (blue, pink, green or even white), that's a sign of artificial colorants added, which can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

choose the optimum density of paste

Opaque or dark brown colored paste can be a sign of an “overcooked” or improperly made sugaring product where the paste was not made according to proper production standards.

In these cases, the paste will not perform well in action. Sugaring paste is a delicate product that can change its consistency, becoming too hard or too soft if not made correctly. It's impossible to work with a paste like that. It’s messy, you'll have a very frustrated client, a ruined appointment, and a terrible experience.

Having a variety of sugaring pastes for varying skin types:

Don't believe a manufacturer who tells you that all types of hair can be removed with one type of paste. Don't believe those who tell you to have a plate with water on your table and dip your fingers in it to soften the paste. Those are short cut tricks that compromise the quality and functionality of the product.

We have a line of 4 different pastes made specifically for individual skin types. We’ve perfected the science and take no short cuts in order to ensure a pleasurable and effective epilation experience for all clients.

Be careful choosing when choosing your paste. The quality of the products you use represent you as a professional esthetician, so make sure you’re using the best for your clients!

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