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Can we work simultaneously with Sugaring Paste and Wax?

Can we do work partially with sugar and partially with wax?

Let's answer a question: "Can we treat one area with wax and another with the sugar paste - will it look unprofessional?"

No. You can't do that!

Many estheticians combine techniques and materials. Working on big areas (like legs or arms) they choose wax and for the bikini area and armpits, they use sugar as it's less painful and removes hair more delicately.

However, you shouldn't forget that some clients are very conservative and don't like to try new things. So it's important for an esthetician to be an expert in both waxing and sugaring techniques in order to educate and provide them with options.

In this situation you have several options:

  • agree with the client and perform epilation with the technique they prefer;
  • explain the advantages of the waxing and sugaring and advise the best method taking into account your specific client's needs.

In any case, it's up to your client and you can show your professionalism by performing your best in any technique.

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