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Can we work simultaneously with Sugaring Paste and Wax?

Can we work simultaneously with Sugaring Paste and Wax?

Removing body hair is a difficult topic for many women. The razor does an excellent job but it can leave cuts and the hair begins to grow back literally the next day. The epilator causes pain. Laser removal is too expensive. There are two the most optimal ways: waxing and sugaring. Let's see what these procedures are and what are the features of sugaring vs waxing. We will also answer the most important question: is it possible to combine sugaring and waxing?

What is Waxing: Main Features of the Procedure

What is Waxing: Main Features of the Procedure

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of getting rid of unwanted hair in the bikini zone, arms, legs, and armpits. This procedure allows you to remove the hair from the root to save the effect for up to 3-4 weeks.

Professional wax is heated to a liquid state and applied to the skin surface in the direction of hair growth. After hardening, it is removed along with unwanted hairs.


The main benefits of honey wax vs sugar wax include:

  • Quality assurance when removing unwanted hair, in case the depilation was carried out by a professional cosmetologist.

  • The whole process does not require a lot of time (maximum hour and a half, depending on the scale).

  • With regular depilation, you will notice a decrease in hair growth and a weakening of the entire hairline in the depilated area.

  • Compared to some other types of depilation, the procedure is relatively inexpensive.

What is Sugaring and What are the Advantages of Hair Removal Technique?

What is Sugaring and What are the Advantages of Hair Removal Technique?

What is sugaring, you might want to know? It is one of the most popular and effective ways to get rid of body hair in different areas. If earlier melted sugar with lemon juice was used for such depilation, today everything is much more convenient and simpler. The manufacturer of cosmetic products Sugaring Factory created a universal sugaring paste, which is sold in special containers. It does not require preheating and copes with unwanted hair much more effectively.

An important feature of sugaring is that the technician applies the paste only against the growth of the hair. The master removes the paste along with hair growth. This minimizes sensitive skin irritation and the appearance of ingrown hairs.

There are several main benefits of sugar waxing:

  • Sugaring does not cause irritation or allergic reactions. As a part of a high-quality paste, there are no dangerous chemical elements.

  • The paste removes keratinized dead skin cells. In the process, hydration and renewal occur.

  • After the procedure, the skin remains smooth for up to 3-4 weeks. With the right technique, the number of ingrown hairs is minimal. Compared to epilators and waxes, sugaring is the most painless way to get smooth skin

  • Sugar paste can be used in any area of the body.

Sugaring vs Waxing: What is Better

Sugar paste can capture even very short hairs. But wax copes better with tough ones. Sugaring has a peeling effect, as it removes dead skin particles of the epidermis.

Talking about sugar wax vs regular waxing, in both cases the hair is removed from the root and the result lasts up to 4 weeks. So in terms of efficiency, the score is probably equal.

If you choose between sugar and wax epilation, the preference, of course, should be given to the first method. Why is sugaring better than waxing? Because using sugar paste you feel less pain. Does sugaring last as long as waxing, you may ask? The effect lasts a little longer due to the ability to capture very short hairs.

Is It Possible to Combine Sugaring with Waxing?

It is generally accepted that waxing is the best way to remove leg hair. Wax copes with coarse hairs more effectively and is well-suited for processing large areas. And sugaring works best in the bikini area, in the armpits, and on the face. So is it possible to combine sugaring and waxing in different areas? Many people ask this question, which we will answer below.

For those ladies who cannot decide on the suitable type of depilation, having tried both procedures, it is worth trying combined depilation. This unique procedure includes both types of depilation at the same time. For example, legs can be depilated with wax, and sugaring paste can be used for the bikini area.

Combined depilation means an individual approach to each client. In this case, the technician takes into account the type and features of the skin. Also, if you use different types of depilation, then the effect can be achieved to the maximum.

You can think about combining sugaring and waxing during one appointment only if the master is a real expert in both techniques. Otherwise, the work will be done unprofessionally and you will not get the desired effect.

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