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How to avoid injuries during deep bikini procedure?

How to avoid injuries during deep bikini procedure?

Choosing sugaring as a technique for deep bikini epilation is a rational decision, as the effect of this procedure lasts for a long time - from 3 to 4 weeks, and new hairs grow lighter, weaker and sparse. It's better to let the professional do this procedure. But many women decide to do the sugar epilation of the bikini area themselves at home. In any case, you need to remember about the safety measures, so as not to injure the delicate and sensitive skin.

Basic mistakes of the practitioner
The basis of the proper deep bikini sugaring is the right choice of the paste. It is necessary to pay attention to what body parts the paste is intended for and the paste density. The main mistake of the practitioner is using unsuitable paste. But it is not the only cause of skin damage in the bikini are. The following actions can also damage this highly sensitive area: 
•    ignoring the stage of skin purification and disinfection;
•    applying the paste in he wrong direction (along the hair growth);
•    removing hair slowly;
•    removing hair by a jerk against hair growth;
•    removing hair which is shorter than 4 mm (0.15 inches) or longer than 8 mm (0.30 inches);
•    pulling the skin not strong enough;
•    using insufficient amount of talc.

Technique errors might be associated with the paste sticking. This can happen due to excessive softening of the paste, so it should not be kneaded for too long.

To minimize the risk of injury during the sugaring procedure of the deep bikini area, you should follow these recommendations which will help the practitioner to perform the procedure flawlessly:
•    first, it is necessary to scrub the skin using peeling gel or scrub with small particles, without affecting the mucous membrane;
•    warm up the sugar paste to a comfortable temperature;
•    apply the paste against hair growth, tightly hold the paste to the skin  and sharply and quickly tear it off in a one jerk;
•    use a good amount of  talcum powder. If it is not enough, it is possible to damage small areas of the upper layers of the skin.

Before that make sure you disinfected the skin with a disinfectant, for example, hydrogen peroxide, because treated skin is very vulnerable to penetration of infection, which in future will contribute to the skin inflammation.
Sugaring of deep bikini areas requires especial professionalism, concentration, since there is a high risk of damaging delicate and sensitive skin.

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