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Common home aftercare mistakes that clients make after sugaring

Common home aftercare mistakes that clients make after sugaring

Whether you're a seasoned sugar paste enthusiast or a first-timer, post-sugaring care is crucial to ensure that your skin stays free from itching or burning. Once undergoing the session, it's essential to follow the right aftercare procedures to maximize the benefits of this depilation procedure. However, many clients inadvertently make mistakes that can lead to discomfort and less-than-optimal results. In fact, it might be due to an incomplete understanding of what sugaring is exactly. In this article, we will explore some common misconceptions that clients often tend to follow even before and after sugaring too and provide essential hints for achieving the best results.

What to Do After Sugaring?

What to Do After Sugaring?

Once finished with depilation, your skin may be more sensitive than usual, so it's crucial to handle it with care. Here are some essential aftercare tips you are better to follow:

  • Keep the Area Clean: Gently clean the sugared area with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Avoid hot showers, steam rooms, or just bathing immediately after session, as they can further irritate the skin or even cause inflammation.

  • Moisturize: Hydrating the skin is vital after sugaring. Apply a soothing, alcohol-free moisturizer or aloe vera lotion to calm any redness and keep the skin hydrated. Cream or oil application are welcome too here.

  • Exfoliate Gently: While exfoliation is beneficial for preventing ingrown hairs, wait at least 48 hours before exfoliating the treated area. When you do exfoliate, use a gentle scrub to avoid irritation.

  • Wear Loose Clothes: Opt for loose-fitting clothing to prevent friction and irritation on the treated area. Tight clothing can exacerbate redness and discomfort. So try not to isolate your skin from breathing.

  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Stay away from direct sunlight and tanning beds for at least 24 to 48 hours after sugaring. Newly sugared skin is more sensitive to sunburn and hyperpigmentation.

What Not to Do After Sugaring?

What Not to Do After Sugaring?

Now that we've covered what you should do, let's explore some general inaccuracies that clients often may be involved in:

  • Touching the Treated Area: Consider disinfection management. Avoid touching or scratching the sugared area, as it can introduce bacteria and lead to infections or breakouts.

  • Using Harsh Products: Refrain from using harsh chemicals, scented lotions, or deodorants containing alcohol or chlorine on the treated area. These can cause irritation and disrupt the skin's natural healing process.

  • Engaging in Intense Physical Activities: While light exercise is generally fine, avoid strenuous activities that may cause excessive sweating and friction on the treated area for at least 24 hours.

  • Shaving Between Sessions: One of the benefits of sugaring is that it reduces hair growth over time. Resist the urge to shave between sessions, as it can interfere with the hair depilation process.

How to Handle Post-Brazilian sugaring care?

Post-Brazilian sugaring care requires extra attention due to the sensitivity of the area. Here are some tips for proper care after Brazilian sugaring:

  • Wear Breathable Underwear: Choose cotton underwear to allow the skin to breathe and reduce the risk of irritation.

  • Avoid Sexual Activity: Refrain from sexual activity for at least 24 to 48 hours after a Brazilian sugaring session to avoid irritation and potential infection.

  • Skip Hot Bath: While warm baths can be soothing, avoid hot baths for a couple of days as they can aggravate the skin.

  • Use Talc-Free Powder: If needed, apply a talc-free powder to absorb moisture and reduce friction in the intimate area.

Some extra words on sugaring aftercare to wrap it up

Proper sugaring aftercare is essential to achieve the best results and maintain healthy, smooth skin. Avoid following common misconceptions like touching the treated area, using harsh products, and engaging in intense physical activities. Instead, follow the recommended aftercare procedures, such as keeping the area clean, moisturizing, and wearing loose clothing. When it comes to Brazilian sugaring, take extra care by wearing breathable underwear and avoiding sexual activity for a day or two.

By following these aftercare tips, you can enjoy the benefits of sugaring to the fullest and keep your skin looking flawless between sessions. Now after you have finished reading this article, you surely already have an idea of how to properly care for your skin after sugar depilation. Please also be aware that the final result not only depends on how you take care of your skin thereafter, but also on the paste quality you choose to apply. Our advice: never use low-quality cosmetics, it will not have a positive effect, but only a negative one. SugaringFactory paste, for example, will help you get your skin in an ideal condition. Happy sugaring!

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