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Common home aftercare mistakes that clients make after sugaring

Common home aftercare mistakes that clients make after sugaring

Improper care is the main cause of skin inflammation, itching, burning and other unpleasant consequences after sugaring. Let’s see what common mistakes clients usually make while taking care of their skin after sugaring procedure and how to enjoy smooth silky skin for as long as possible.

What mistakes in aftercare are often made?
•    Bathing in a hot bath 1-2 days after the procedure. This can lead to hyperemia and skin inflammation;
•    Swimming in the pool. Chlorine, used for water disinfection is bad for your skin and provokes irritation;
•    Wearing tight clothes. Tightly fitting clothes rub against sensitive and damaged after the procedure skin, preventing it from breathing normally. As a result, the skin sweats, and sweat is a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic flora penetrating in the hair follicles;
•    Use of skin care products: deodorants, creams, oils, self-tanning lotions, etc. They contribute to blockage of pores and development of irritation;
•    Sunbathing or tanning. For the first 2-3 days after the sugaring procedure, it is not recommended to sunbathe. Ultraviolet radiation causes appearance of pigmented spotsin the epilated areas, and they are very difficult to get rid of.
•    Apart from that, a direct sunlight can provoke inflammation (and that’s why it is better to apply a sunscreen with an SPF filter not less than 15 anytime you go outside). Such lotions will help to increase the erythematous dose and reduce the likelihood of undesirable consequences;
•    Visiting baths, saunas. Steam, additional heat and temperature contrast negatively affect the irritated after epilation skin;
•    Physical exercise. First days after the sugaring it is better to avoid jogging and going to the gym for the reasons mentioned above - sweat and tight clothes;
•    Not performing regular peeling can cause ingrown hairs;
•    Not moisturizing skin regularly can lead to its scaling. 

To prevent irritation, itching, burning and flaking of the skin, it is necessary to ask the practitioner in advance how to take care of the skin after the sugaring procedure and what contraindications regarding aftercare exist.

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