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How to avoid bruising after sugaring?

The causes of bruising in the process of sugaring

Sugaring is considered the gentlest method of epilation. But in rare cases side effects still occur. One of them is bruising. This frustrates not only the client, but also the practitioner. Why they appear, how to treat them and whether it is possible to avoid them at all, will be explained further.

Why do bruises appear in the process of sugaring?

The bruises are formed as a result of injuries to the capillaries located close to the follicles. When a hair is removed from its root, the surrounding tissues may be affected. Capillaries burst, and if the blood cannot come out, it spills under the skin in the forms of bruises. This can happen because of the practitioner’s bad skills but also because of the client’s physiological maker.

Practitioner’s mistakes

An inexperienced practitioner can make the following mistakes, which can lead to bruising:

  • improper tearing off - the paste should be torn off sharply, along the hair growth and strictly parallel to the skin surface. If one of these rules is not followed, bruises may appear;
  • choosing incorrect paste density - the type of sugar paste. For certain skin areas, you need to choose a paste of a certain density.

Choose a proper sugaring paste density! It will help avoid bruising

Client’s physiological maker

The causes of bruising can be:

  • hypersensitivity of the dermis;
  • problems with blood vessels (varicose veins, brittle and fragile vessels);
  • capillaries located close to the skin surface.

How to avoid bruising?

If you know that your vessels are brittle, and bruises are formed easily include the following foods in your diet: foods containing vitamin C, K (green tea, spinach, cauliflower, dog rose).

Follow the following rules:

  • If you have any burns (sun, chemical or thermal ones) – do not do sugaring until your skin recovers;
  • If you have recently done a deep chemical pilling or laser polishing – you also need to wait some time (an esthetician will let you know how much time is needed) before doing sugaring;
  • If you have recently sunbathed or visited a tanning salon – you need to wait not less than 3 day before doing sugaring.

How to remove bruises?

The following procedures will help with bruising:

  • applying ice - you can freeze water or water with healing herbs infused. Put it on affected area immediately after the procedure. This will help to stop internal bruising and strengthen the vessels;
  • using ointment or cream "Neosporin" - apply several times a day.
  • Bruises usually go away in 1-5 days.

Before having sugaring procedure see your doctor regarding your blood vessels. Do not do sugaring at home if you have never done it before and you know you have vascular issues. If that’s your case, visit experienced practitioner at the reputable salon.

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