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Causes of a histamine reaction after sugaring

Causes of a histamine reaction after sugaring

Sugaring is one of the best techniques for removing unwanted hair. It has a large number of advantages, among which are the fact that it is almost painless, the absence of ingrown hairs and the long duration of the effect. However, a considerable number of women are ready to refuse sugaring as they get skin rashes after it.

Why does a histamine reaction occur?
The histamine reaction is a natural response of the body to microdamaging of the skin and removing the lanugo hairs. Body hair, albeit not in such large quantities, was left to us by our ancestors and performs a protective function. Therefore, hair removal can trigger the release of histamine. It signal the onset of the inflammatory process in the body, or poisoning with toxins. During an allergic reaction, white blood cells start moving to protect the body from infections in the places of former hair bulbs.
In addition, an allergy can be caused by the increased sensitivity of the immune system to components of poor-quality sugar paste. It manifests itself in the form of small reddening and has symptoms similar to urticaria.

The main causes of histamine reaction
The histamine reaction can occur not only because of the above mentioned reasons but also because of the following:
• neglecting the basic rules of post-epilation treatment. You must not  skip the steps of removing the residue of the paste and applying a special cream as a post-epilation treatment;
• excessive sweating. In the first hours and days after epilation, avoid going to a beach, gym, tanning salon, as all this provokes sweating. Although in summer or in stressful situation it's not possible t avoid sweating. 
• non-compliance with hygiene rules. You must not touch just freshly epilated area with your hands, put on tight or unclean clothes in case of removal of hair from legs, abdomen or hands and apply makeup immediately after having sugar paste epilation of your face;
• use of non-professional tools. At home, some women try to substitute  special creams and lotions with  water, etc .;
• not meeting the requirements of a chosen technique;
• multiple, excessive processing of one and the same area.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of histamine reaction, but many of them can be minimized.

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