Male sugaring: how to make a smooth transition between zones?

Male sugaring: how to make a smooth transition between zones?

The number of men who get interested in such procedures as sugaring  grow with every day. Therefore, men's sugaring cannot be called something new and unusual anymore. But it differs from a female one, it is conditioned both by the physiological and psychological features of a man. One such difference, which will be discussed below, is the need to achieve a smooth transition between zones. This is the main difficulty for the practitioner, because an absolutely smooth surface of one area looks ridiculous next to the one untouched by the practitioner.

How to make a smooth transition between zones and why?
The need for a smooth transition between zones grows out of the fact that very often men are ready to remove hair from their chests, abdomens and backs, but not from the bikini zone. Often, men refuse to epilate their legs. In this situation, the practitioner cannot just let the client go as the border between epilated and non epilated areas will be drastically obvious and sharp.

So, one of the technologies of a smooth transition between zones looks like this (let's take chest, abdomen and bikini zone for example): anything above the grin area is epilated as usual. As for the bikini zone, it will be necessary to process just a small area and quite lightly. Explain this to the client so he will agrees to the procedure and won't  worry about the safety of the hair he needs.

In order to make a smooth transition, take medium-density paste and apply it once, not pressing it strongly into the skin. As a result, only a part of the hair will be affected. In addition, use the trimmer and make the remaining hairs shorter. That's it, in general. This is a simple way to achieve the effect of a smooth transition between zones, while retaining some hair, which the man wants to remain

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