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Bandage, manual or spatula technique?

Let's look at the different techniques of sugaring:


This is the most popular technique (also called hand technique). The paste is applied and removed using fingers without any additional tools. It's the most common technique, great for removing fine lanugo hair, as well as coarse and thick hair.

Bandage technique

The paste is applied by wooden or metal spatula and removed by a special bandage.

This technique is used on big areas (hands, legs) where the hair growth direction is quite consistent, hair is mostly fine to medium thickness, but some estheticians apply this technique on more sensitive areas as well.

Spatula technique

The paste is applied and removed using wooden or metal spatula. Just like the bandaging technique, the spatula is used on big and not very sensitive areas, but sometimes is used on the bikini zone, armpits or even the face. Using bandage or spatula techniques you need to use a disposable wooden spatula or sterilize a metal one. Do not put a used spatula back in the container of paste to use on a new client. Not only is it non-hygienic and unsafe, but it looks unprofessional as well.   

Finally, it is always good to take into account the client's application preference. If your client has used sugaring products before, they may prefer one application method over another. Some people find it uncomfortable when the esthetician applies the paste using the spatula. In this case, listen to your client and use the manual technique.

These are the basic techniques you can choose from!

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