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7+ benefits of leg sugaring compared to other methods of hair removal

Leg epilation: pros and cons

To remove or not to remove hair from your legs is a very personal decision. But it's quite difficult to imagine a representative of the beautiful half of humanity in a mini-skirt with undone (read: hairy) legs. That's why majority of women prefer to remove unwanted hair. Leg sugaring is becoming one of the most popular procedures.

One of the most accessible methods of leg hair removal is sugaring – hair removal with the help of special sugaring paste.

Benefits of leg sugaring

  1. Removing hair, with the root, which slows its growth. After several sessions, you will notice that your hair has grown back much thinner and lighter.
  2. Sugaring is less painful than waxing (it gets less and less painful with every procedure). It almost doesn't traumatize the skin, and will not burn.
  3. Perfectly smooth skin after the procedure. Sugaring paste not only remove the hair, but also provides a gentle peeling.
  4. The problem of ingrown hair will be gone if the procedure is performed by a professional, with correctly chosen paste and technique.
  5. Natural ingredients of the sugaring products don't cause allergic reactions or irritation, except minimal redness, which will go away quickly, and you will be able to wear your mini-skirt almost immediately.
  6. A small number of restrictions compared to other types of epilation. You can find more details in this article.
  7. Quite long lasting effect. You will have smooth, silky skin for 2-6 weeks, depending on the physiological features of the client. Additionally, sugaring will make your hair grow back with soft ends, which is less rough and noticeable when you touch the skin.

Disadvantages of leg sugaring, and tricks to avoid them

  1. Long duration of the procedure, especially with a lack of experience. That's why it's recommended for the first session to be done at a salon.
  2. If you are doing sugaring to yourself, you should not use a homemade paste. We recommend buying a ready product, especially due to its affordable price.
  3. Professionally designed pastes can have different densities, and the choice depends on the epilated area's hair thickness. Using professional paste will provide a quicker experience in hair removal.
  4. Contraindications.


As any other method of hair removal, sugaring has its benefits and disadvantages. By using a professional service, you can avoid 80% of all possible negative effects (Read More). If you choose to do sugaring at home by yourself, then you should not forget about choosing the correct paste, the right technique, and the hygienic rules.

Eva Moss
Written by Eva Moss

Eva Moss is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with a strong track record of success in the cosmetics manufacturing industry. As the Founder & CEO of Sugaring Factory in the USA and internationally, Eva has been instrumental in driving the company's growth and establishing it as a global leader in the sugaring paste market. Her innovative approach to product development, combined with her strategic vision for international expansion, has garnered significant brand loyalty and market dominance for Sugaring Factory. Eva's commitment to quality and innovation has set her apart in a competitive industry landscape, with her proprietary sugaring paste formula standing as a testament to her expertise and dedication to excellence. ​​Living and studying in Silicon Valley enriched exposure to cutting-edge business practices and enhanced skills in business development and strategic planning.

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