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4 + reasons to choose sugaring over waxing

Sugaring vs Waxing

What are sugaring and waxing we already wrote in our overview article on epilation and depilation, so, we won't talk too much about those terms again. Our clients can find more interesting a detailed comparison of qualities and differences of two those hair removal methods. Each of them has its pro and cons, so let's get started.


Sugar paste is made from natural, organic components. As a rule, it includes sugar, natural acids, distilled water.

Waxing mixture is more often made from resins of different origins. Also, another ingredient can be wax (bee wax), honey, essential oils, artificial dyes, preservatives, flavorings.

Impact on the skin

1. Ingredients

Sugar paste LUXURY PRO is made from natural components. And it's not just advertisement. In its production only organic ingredients are being used: water, sugar and natural acids.

Wax, despite its name and some confusing misunderstanding of this term, often is made from manufactured resins, filled with artificial flavorings and unnatural dyes.

2. Allergy

Allergic reactions are possible, as a result of using wax. Of course, procedures of waxing or sugaring epilation – have a traumatic nature. Some redness is expected, because of the mechanical way of hair removal. However, according to the surveys among epilation professionals, chances of allergic reactions are noticeably higher after waxing.

3. Natural peeling

There is one more aspect that has to do to with some differences caused by ingredients of sugaring paste and wax – gentle or rough pilling. If you follow the technology correctly, sugar pastes softly pull hairs and dead cells of the epidermis, unlike in waxing, when during procedure skin is getting microtraumas, caused by very tight and strong wax sticking against epidermis, pulling “alive” cells from the surface.

Work techniques with sugar paste and wax

1. Pain levels and ingrown hair

Sugar paste is being applied against hair growth and coming off the skin along the hair growth, that significantly lower painful effect and provides better quality epilation, caused by higher adhesion ability. This technique allows you to avoid a problem of ingrown hair.

Wax is being applied along the direction of hair growth, and coming off the skin opposite of hair growth direction, causing severe pain. Wherein, the chance of getting an ingrown hair, is quite high, because of used technique: during wax removal against hair growth, the growth canal is damaged, and hair growth direction is being changed. New hair will already grow in a different direction: into the epidermis, up, or sideways.

2. Burn

Paste, produced by company Sugaring Factory, can be applied to the skin without previous reheating. You can pinch it right away and proceed to epilation immediately.

Wax needs preheating. Wax temperature is very hard to control, that's why clients quite often complain about painful sensations (including, getting skin irritation, caused by body temperature growing higher).

3. Paste and wax removal from the skin

Sugar paste can be very easily washed from the skin with nonwoven strips for sugaring.

Wax can't be washed off with water. To do it, you will need something more serious: special removal product, baby soap or vaseline.

4. Hair length

To perform waxing, hair length must be at least 5 mm. Using a sugar paste from Sugaring Factory, the professional specialist will be able to remove even stump hair (from 2 mm). More than that, during sugaring, hair breakage is minimized on 15-30 %. So, epilation with a sugaring paste becomes possible already on 5-7th day after shaving, you can't say the same about waxing, where you will have to wait at least from two to three weeks, which is inconvenient and not acceptable.



Index Sugaring Waxing
Ingredients 100% organic, with a natural preservative – sugar, that stop development of any harmful bacteria. Often – with artificial dyes, flavorings, and perfumes.
Impact on the skin
  1. Redness.
  2. Soft peeling.
  1. Redness and swelling.
  2. Rough pilling with possible microtraumas of epidermis if the technique was incorrect.
  3. Allergic reaction.
Pain level Minimal, if the technique and paste consistency were correct. Noticeable, caused by wax-strip removal against hair growth; microtraumas; irritation, activated by wax high temperature.
Ingrown hair Minimal Severe breakages and ingrowing (especially with predisposition).
Burn Impossible Quite possible
Leftovers removal Simple With special products, baby soap, vaseline
Hair length for depilation From 2mm From 5-8 mm
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