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3+ ways to get rid of ingrown hair

Ingrown hair: why is it happening and what to do?

Ingrown hair is quite the unpleasant feeling, that begins with a minor itch in the place of ingrowing. A little later, it turns into an infected area and the itch becomes unbearable. Though sometimes hair breaks through the surface of the skin on its own. In the worst-case scenario, you might need a help of a qualified dermatologist. What to do to prevent hair from ingrowing?

Ingrown hair is a problem that almost everyone faces at least once in their lifetime

Teenagers are considered the highest risk group, although any age group can be effected. The most common reasons are:

  • frequent peeling and scrubbing;
  • incorrect method of hair removal;
  • wearing tight, synthetic clothing.

Besides, a person with a coarse hair, that tend to curl, is more likely to get ingrown hair problem.

There are two types of ingrown hair:

  1. Horizontal – when hair comes out of follicle, and grows parallel direction under the skin, without breaking through it.
  2. Vertical – hair is curling under the skin, forming a small bump.

Both situations can cause a severe irritation or infection.

What to do to minimize a chance of ingrown hair or forget about it forever?

There are just three simple steps of skin care after sugaring that can help you if not get rid of ingrown hair forever, then noticeably minimize their number.

Step 1

Make sure that you have chosen the correct method of hair removal for your skin type. If you have ingrown hair or are predisposed for it, it is not recommended for you to use electric depilation and waxing by sugaring paste. During those procedures hair is being pulled "with a root " and a high chance of hair breakage occurs. All that cause ingrown hair. While using a razor – shave hair in the direction of its growth, and make sure your razor is really sharp (read about reasons to have professional sugaring on your arms).

Step 2

Make sure that you perform all stages of hair removal process correctly (skin cleaning, softening, pores opening, removing extra moister from the skin, pores closing, softening).

Step 3

Ultimately minimize your skin irritation. Do not wear tight synthetic underwear. Wear cotton underwear as often as possible, allowing your skin to breath. If you often use peeling, switch one procedure for a salt compress, that will help you sooth the irritation.

If after all that a problem of ingrown hair is still not solved, we recommend you to use a help of a dermatologist.

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