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3+ Ways To Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

What Are the Causes of Ingrown Hair and How Should You Deal With Them?

Not sure why hairs suddenly start growing into the skin? What are the first symptoms of ingrown hair, and how should you best tackle the problem? Well, there are several solutions. Keep on reading to find out how to prevent ingrown hairs to begin with, and discover the best methods for removing them.

Noticeable Symptoms of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair on the leg

Tight clothing, frequent peelings and scrubbing and choosing the wrong removal procedures are the primary causes of ingrown hair. Additionally, people with curly or coarse hair are more susceptible to the problem.

The appearance of ingrown hairs when you shave happens when hairs are unable to pierce through the skin when they grow back. Thus, they change direction and grow under the epidermis, which causes a whole host of problems.

The first signs of ingrown infected hair look like red pimples. In addition, if you discover visible traces of hair under the skin, or feel a small bump, then you likely have this problem. At different stages, you may notice other symptoms, including:

  • A red spot that looks like a pimple;
  • The whole area feels uncomfortable;
  • You have sore spots that you are eager to scratch.

The direction of growth may become horizontal or stay vertical but start to curl inside the skin without breaking it.


Ingrown hair in the underarm

These classifications show the depth of ingrowth:

  1. Superficial is the least dangerous type. The hair can quite often pass through the skin without extra help. Before it grows through, you will see an inflammatory issue that will become a small pustule. It will dry out in a couple of days, so you can easily remove it. A pigmented spot may appear at the site of the lesion after that. However, it should disappear in a month or so;
  2. Deep ingrown. In this case, the ingrown hair affects the deeper layers of the skin and is often spiral-shaped, which makes it impossible for it to come out on its own.

This problem results in scars and pigmentation on the skin and contributes to the accumulation of gleet in the skin that can cause an abscess. This is a serious issue that requires surgical assistance.

Sugaring and Other Viable Solutions for Ingrown Hair Removal

It is crucial that a specialist performs the removal when it is not possible for you to do it yourself. Leaving it unattended can lead to infection. Before visiting a cosmetologist, there are several effective methods you can use to get rid of an ingrown hair bump without additional help. Some popular and effective methods are:

  1. Steam. This option can help you get rid of ingrown hair from waxing or shaving. Steam the skin and lightly scrub it to remove the old layer.Ingrown hair removal via steam and scrubbing
  2. Special Tools. Using tweezers and sanitizer, begin pulling out ingrown hair in a single movement. This procedure requires patience as it can take quite a long time.Using tweezers to dispose of an ingrowth
  3. Surgical. In more serious situations, when an ingrown hair becomes infected, it is dangerous to use the previous method. Only a well-trained specialist can help you heal infected ingrown hair.
  4. Cosmetological. This method includes sugaring and laser removal. These procedures are performed when there is no active inflammation or suppuration. Only a cosmetologist can perform them. If you have ingrown hairs on the epidermis of your face, these procedures can be used to carefully remove them without causing any scarring.Surgical removal of hairs

What is sugaring? It is one of the most beneficial hair-removal methods, and it has almost no side effects. All you need is to purchase a sugar paste, like Luxury Pro, and rely on the hands of a professional master in a beauty salon. It prevents ingrown hairs and gives you smooth skin without any bumps. It can work on the pubic area or other body parts, but it is highly difficult to perform on the face.

What Happens with Ingrown Hairs Over Time?

If you leave the problem unattended, you may end up with an inflamed area that is vulnerable to external input like the sun’s radiation. The worst ingrown hair scenario can see an infection spread further. This will continue until you remove the hair from under the skin.

How to Minimize the Chance of Getting an Ingrown Hair

It is highly advisable to take some preventative measures to avoid the issue. That is why we recommend several techniques to tackle the problem.

  • New Hair Removal Methods. To avoid getting ingrown hairs, consider changing the way you remove unwanted hair in the first place. Try sugaring, for example. It is one of the safest methods; it leaves no bumps and won’t cause an allergic reaction if performed by professionals with high-quality paste.
  • Apply Proper Skin Care. Another great solution is to moisturize before you start epilation. This makes the hairs softer so you can remove them more easily. Also, do not forget to exfoliate regularly. This allows you to cleanse the pores and remove the older layers of skin, so new hairs will have no obstacles and will continue their growth in the right direction.
  • Stop Wearing Tight Syntactical Clothes. The pressure caused by tight fabric can also prevent normal regrowth. Therefore, if the issue is acute, it is better to reconsider your wardrobe.
  • Rely on the Professionals. Going to a proper cosmetologist will save your skin and perhaps even your purse. You may opt for photo epilation or laser hair removal, or even sugaring, which is currently one of the preferred solutions to get rid of unwanted body hair and minimize the chances of getting ingrown hairs afterward.

The procedure reduces the risk of damaging the skin. The professional will apply a sugaring paste to the area and pull it off in the direction of growth after it dries.

If after all that a problem of ingrown hair is still not solved, we recommend you to use a help of a dermatologist.

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