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Hair Removal For Men: Sugaring & More

Hair Removal For Men: Sugaring & More

Removing unwanted hairs on the body is not only a female prerogative. Every respectable man strives to always look after himself to be more attractive and feel more confident. Men's hair removal, like women's, can be done at home or in the salon. There are quite a few options and methods, like sugar waxing for men thanks to which you can safely and painlessly remove unwanted hair.

There are no cardinal differences in the removal of body hair for men and women. In both cases, it is necessary to remove the hair with roots, which will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. The main differences are in the stronger stiffness and density of men’s hair. Let’s consider the most popular methods of hair removal for men with their features and benefits, which will help you choose the right option.

Method 1: Sugaring for Men

The difference between female and male sugaring hair removal is that in men the hairline is thicker, and the hairs are stiffer. That’s why the paste consumption is much higher. Therefore, sugar wax for men is more expensive than for women. Men sugaring in all areas is carried out as standard. Only sugaring male brazilian depilation requires a special approach due to the increased hair stiffness.

Sugaring for Men

Sugaring for men is a very popular method of removing unwanted hair for several reasons:

  • Soft skin. A good sugaring paste not only removes hair but also cleanses and moisturizes the dermis.
  • Long-term effect of the procedure. Hairs begin to grow only after a month. After repeated procedures, the hair becomes thinner and softer, and the hairline loses density. About 10-13 procedures are required per year, which justifies the rather high cost.
  • Male body sugaring is less painful than waxing and does not cause skin inflammation, as when using a razor.
  • Sugaring paste is made from natural ingredients such as sugar, water, and citric acid. It is completely safe and harmless. For use, the product is heated to a maximum of 39 degrees. Sugar pastes from Sugaring Factory don’t require preheating which eliminates the risk of burns.

There are no drawbacks to body sugaring for men. We should list only a few contraindications, including an allergic reaction to the components of the paste, a large number of moles and papillomas in the epilated areas, and diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes, and inflammatory processes on the skin.

When choosing a place and a technician for the sugaring, pay special attention to the competence of the specialist. The master must work with gloves, in extreme cases, use antiseptic preparations. The spatula must be disposable, and bandage technique strips cannot be used twice. Disposable sheets and napkins are required. If you have some questions, a professional should answer them and warn about the risks.

Method 2: Waxing for Men

Waxing for men can be carried out on the same areas as for women such as legs, arms, back, abdomen, face, intimate area, and armpits. However, it is the last two zones that are popular, despite their increased soreness relative to others.

Men's waxing is now performed quite often, because, unlike shaving, it allows you to get rid of body hair for 3-4 weeks without causing discomfort. Waxing can be done with hard wax or using wax strips. Before going to the procedure, familiarize yourself with the features of men’s waxing to prevent irritation after it, as well as to avoid ingrown hairs, which happen especially often.

Waxing for Men

Keep in mind that for the wax to capture tough and dense hairs when making depilation, they need to be grown to a length of 1/4-of-an-inch minimum. To do this, you will have to abandon any alternative methods of removing unwanted hair for 2-3 weeks. A few days before the session, use a natural scrub on the area that you are going to depilate. After the procedure, you should not sunbathe for two days, visit the sauna and swimming pool, use aggressive washcloths, and apply scrubs.

Method 3: Depilatory Creams for Hair Removal

Applying special depilatory creams is the simplest but quite effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. On the market, you can find many products for different skin types with additional components.

The active substances in depilatory creams, upon contact with the hair follicle, destroy its cellular structure. This leads to hair loss and stunted hair growth. After the procedure, there are no black dots left and the risk of irritation is minimal unlike after shaving.

Almost all manufacturers of depilatory products produce cosmetics for both men and women. They only differ in the effect strength, aroma, and composition. For men, honey is usually used as the main ingredient, as well as chemical components for the destruction of a dense hair follicle, for example, derivatives of inorganic acids. Natural oils, vitamins, and plant extracts act as additional ingredients to soothe the skin after the procedure.

The depilatory cream is easy to use at home. The session takes no more than 10 minutes. But the result, unlike sugaring and waxing, lasts no more than 1 week. With each subsequent application, the hair grows more slowly and has a weak structure.

Method 4: Shaving to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Men's hair removal at home is most often carried out with a razor. You don’t need any special skill to use it, and hair is removed in 10-15 minutes.

Keep in mind that you always should apply on the skin shaving gel or foam before shaving to improve razor glide. Shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs or skin irritation.

The effect of shaving usually lasts up to 2-3 days, then a noticeable stubble appears on the skin. Some men like to shave. Others choose more effective ways to remove unwanted hair, such as sugaring or waxing.

Now you know what is sugaring and waxing. After checking our useful tips, you will be able to choose the most suitable and comfortable way for you to remove unwanted hair.

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