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Alternatives to Brazilian Waxing

Alternatives to Brazilian Waxing

Waxing is an effective method of hair removal – there's no doubt about it! Yet, many clients confirm that the sensations during the Brazilian wax are a serious obstacle to signing up for this procedure ever again. Painless Brazilian waxing remains a dream to this day.

For those whose skin is just too thin or sensitive, here's a list of less painless Brazilian waxing alternatives.

Какие есть альтернативы бразильской эпиляции воском?

Best Substitutes for Waxing

Sometimes we don't have enough time or money to go to a beauty salon. Still, there are many ways to get a smooth and silky bikini line. Let's start with alternatives to waxing that are simple and easy to use at home.

Shaving Without Pain

There are many disadvantages to shaving, and we are all aware of them – cuts, red spots, skin irritation, and a short-lived result. Nonetheless, a razor is an irreplaceable tool that should be in every bathroom for a force-majeure situation. Being tired of waxing is one of these situations.

How to give yourself a Brazilian shave? Follow our basic recommendations:

  • Never shave dry skin
  • Steam out the skin – ideally, take a hot shower or bath
  • Use only a clean, sharp razor – wash it thoroughly and watch out for rust!
  • Use a foam or shaving gel for a smooth glide
  • Keep the hot water running – goosebumps are easily cut
  • It's a time-consuming process – don't rush

After the Brazilian hair removal process is done, use an aftershave lotion or cream to soothe the skin. Enjoy the smoothness for 1-2 days.

Depilatory Creams

This method allows you to remove hair without risking cuts. The cream applied to a specific body area dissolves hair follicles within 5-7 minutes. Sounds easy!

However, we're talking about bikini hair removal – and this is one of the most delicate areas for depilation. Hair removal creams are known to be chemically aggressive. Some manufacturers indicate whether their cream can or cannot be used in a bikini area. Therefore, our recommendation would be:

  • Apply cream to a pubic bone area, but not on the mucous membrane to make sure you're not allergic to a chosen product
  • Only use high-quality creams
  • Never perform this procedure when there are cuts, irritation, or other dermatological issues in the groin area

After the procedure, soften the skin with a lotion and enjoy slower hair growth. 3-7 days without shaving – great result!


This is another accessible tool for attacking unwanted hair growth and getting the Brazilian effect at home. The tweezer heads and a strong motor makes this device a good contender when it comes to hair removal.

As with any method, this one also has its faults. It's not as painful as Brazilian waxing, but it does cause a certain level of discomfort. Itchy or irritated skin is a possible outcome after the epilator.

Therefore, pay attention to the following:

  • The manufacturer – use only trusted brands
  • How powerful the epilator is – for thick pubic hair, you'll need a mighty one
  • Grow some hair, so the tweezer heads have something to grip on to

Using an epilator is fine – as long as it's only used on the bikini line. Don't go any further – for a full Brazilian, it is better to substitute this tool with a different method.

The good news is that epilating can give you up to four weeks of smooth skin.

It's possible to get the Brazilian effect at home – but it'll take more time and effort and will likely provide a shorter-lived result.

Бразильское бритье дома

Salon Procedures

Now, let's talk about the kind of procedures that professional aestheticians offer in their beauty studios. Though there are at-home Brazilian hair removal alternatives, we'd like to focus on high-level services that are safe and are always performed in a controlled environment.

Sugaring as the Best Substitute for Wax

Sugaring is similar to waxing: a warm substance is applied to the skin's surface. The paste layer is tugged with a firm movement. If you squinted at the thought of this – there's no need to.

Being one of the best alternatives to a Brazilian wax, this procedure is gentler and less painful. There are several reasons why:

  • The substance doesn't stick to the skin; it only clings to the hair
  • The paste consists of sugar, water, and lemon acid – no thickeners or chemicals are involved.
  • The product comes in varying thickness, and it can be regulated according to your individual characteristics.

Traditionally, hard sugaring paste is best for depilation.

The prior methods we described were only suitable for the bikini line. Sugaring is a 100% substitute for wax, making it possible to get a full Brazilian without pain.

The downside may be that there are certain restrictions on using hot water, working out, or wearing tight underwear for 48 following the procedure. However, this is a minimal sacrifice for a 4-weeks result identical to wax. For those of you who are loyal to waxing, Sugaring Factory has developed a hard wax that may be less painful than a standard one.

Laser Hair Removal

The fundamental epilation method destroys hair follicles and prevents future hair growth. It's non-invasive, and no recovery period is required.

Basically, it's an intense beam of light – nothing more. Laser is one of the safest Brazilian wax options.

If it's so effective, why do we even talk about sugaring or shaving? For many people, the main side effect is an empty wallet. The procedure is expensive – for a bikini, it'll cost up to $400. Six or more sessions are required to attain the full result.

If you have the money for a laser, consider the following before you start:

  • It has the best effect on darker hair
  • It is not recommended during pregnancy
  • Some people experience burns and blisters
  • It's inadvisable for people with genital herpes HSV-2

Before and after attending the sessions, you have to avoid the sun and try not to catch a cold. A sore throat is a reason to rearrange a laser session.

When choosing between salon procedures, sugaring is a definite winner – it costs less and has fewer side effects.

Салонные бразильские техники

Is a Painless Brazilian Depilation Possible?

As you have seen, Brazilian bikini hair removal is possible without causing pain. If you have got used to waxing but still can't tolerate the pain of the procedure – sugaring is the perfect bikini wax option for you.

It's affordable, has minimal side effects and restrictions, and is just as effective. Don't think twice – check it out for yourself.

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