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10+ ideas for bikini design: how to choose, and their meanings

Bikini design: meanings and symbols

In our article about bikini design, we were talking about body art in general. It is interesting to know the meanings of various bikini designs and symbols that are created with the help of decorative elements (rhinestones, sequins), paint (with or without sparkles), henna (traditional or multicolored), and a borderline between hair and the skin.

Specifics of intimate design

Bikini zone design is a very private and personal thing. It is not meant to be seen by everyone. Only your closest friends, or more likely intimate partners, are the lucky ones who will enjoy the view. On one hand it gives you unlimited freedom – you can fully express yourself in an area that is hidden from the public eye. On the other hand, you don't want to have something too boring or scary down there. That's why the majority of salon clients, mostly women, tend to choose beautiful designs, symbolizing simple things that are easy to understand.

However, when choosing the pattern, try to learn more about historical and cultural meanings of the most common symbols. Sometimes the same flower in different countries will have absolutely opposite meanings, like life and death. A well known ''okay'' gesture (closed thumb and index finger) in Turkey will be considered very insulting, hinting on homosexuality. For people who travel a lot and deal with different cultures, it is especially important to avoid such confusions. After the general introduction, let's have a closer look at some patterns and their meanings.

Romantic, sentimental

  • butterflies,
  • flowers and bouquets,
  • hearts,
  • kisses...

Speaking about body art in general, those symbols are not always in fashion, but when it comes to bikini design they are ''at the right place''. Aesthetics is the most important criteria in this category. ''Upper" level of meanings is based on femininity – tenderness, sophistication, fragility, beauty, delicacy. Deeper meanings depends on the particular country and culture. The most simple, international symbols are red roses or hearts with an arrow or without, meaning passionate love.


There are several main styles:

  1. Floral.
  2. Animalistic.
  3. Ethnic and religious...

Popular today is mehndi (Indian national pattern), which, for example, belongs to the first and third group at the same time, as well as Celtic patterns. The fourth group includes Gothic, antique, and baroque ornaments.

In the decoration of bikini zones, aesthetics usually dominates over the meaning, but some ''elements'' can carry profound message. It is important not to overdo the complexity or the size of the pattern, to not distract from the body's natural beauty.


This group includes geometric figures and different signs (''Stop!'', ''Anarchy'', arrows), as well as well-known images (DNA helix, hemp leaf). It is impossible to describe the endless variety of patterns and symbols. Some carry no message, while others have deep semantic meanings, such as the inverted eight, symbolizing infinity.


Any bikini design is intended to enhance the body eroticism. But there are a group of thematic images and inscriptions devoted entirely to carnal love. For example, mating ladybugs, the recognizable Playboy bunny, or a SEX inscription.

You should be careful with these types of patterns, to not cross the fine line that separates sexuality from vulgarity. Of course, such designs speak about its owner as a person who loves his or her body and fully accepts its needs.


These are good for easy-going people, flirts who want to stand out, or simply to amuse the partner. In fact, any funny pattern will meet the purpose of entertaining the viewer.

Funny body-art very often plays along with the anatomical features of male and female bikini zones. For example, the lawnmower, cutting the hair of a woman, or an elephant... with a fairly realistic trunk for men.


In addition to flowers, which are strongly associated with romance and sentiment, some people have a special meaning associated with animals, birds, insects, or mushrooms. The meaning of the pattern, as a rule, is linked to the value of the particular creature in a person's life. For example, a bear or a shark is an intriguing hint of danger, strength, and leadership; a white, fluffy rabbit symbolizes modesty and complaisance.

With images of predators, you have to be careful not to overdo it – you can cause a real shock. Gaping bloody jaws probably will only appeal to the fans of aggressive types of sex.

Religious, mystical, esoteric...

And again, the choice will depend on the identity of the person. For example, the sign ''Yin and Yang'' is for the admirers of eastern symbolism, Masonic symbols for those who share this secret knowledge. It is important to understand that if the pattern was applied to enhance eroticism, then it doesn't need an extra deep semantic meaning – the only exception is if the partner shares your interests.

Personal, creative

Above all, body art is a form of creativity. Therefore, in addition to the popular ''typical'' patterns, there are many unique and individualistic ideas for a bikini design. For example, various inscriptions that portray a message to the specific person, such as his name or image, or your favorite childhood toy or movie character. It is possible to bring your own meaning into any pattern, even uncommon ones for the bikini design. The most important thing is whether or not it brings you joy, and to enjoy sharing its meaning with your partner.

Eva Moss
Written by Eva Moss

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