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Why "stubs" remain after sugaring and what to do about it?

Why "stubs" remain after sugaring and what to do about it?

Although sugar depilation is known as one of the most effective techniques of hair removal, it is not always possible to perform it properly. As a result, the hairs are only partially removed and stubs remain after sugaring. The skin is not ideally smooth and the woman is disappointed in the technique. But experts ensure that it is possible to get the perfect result. For this, you need to not only strictly adhere to the algorithm of actions but also know what mistakes can lead to such an effect to avoid them.

Incorrect Composition of the Paste

The Main Causes of the Appearance of stumps

There are a few reasons why hairs left after waxing may appear. Let's discuss each of them in more detail.

Incorrect Composition of the Paste

Some masters, having decided to save money, prefer not to purchase a professional hair removal paste, but to prepare it on their own. In making caramel paste there is nothing complicated. It consists of only 3 ingredients: sugar, citric acid, and water. But in the absence of experience, it is not always possible to prepare a suitable composition from the first time.

Most often, for beginners, the paste has a too soft or hard consistency, which is why much hair is left after the first brazilian wax. Therefore, it is always better to buy a high-quality sugaring paste from Sugaring Factory.

Mistakes When Applying the Composition

Not only beginners but even experienced masters can make some mistakes. Very often, the paste is applied in a wide strip. When removing the caramel, the hairs will not be covered completely and some of them will remain on the skin.

To prevent stray hairs after brazilian wax, when applying the paste, the skin must be strongly stretched. Also, a common mistake of beginners, is they press the paste to the sweat epidermis with their hands. As a result of this, sticking of the substance occurs, which also leads to partial removal of hairs.

Too Short Hairs

The masters assure that stubs very often occur if the women do not maintain the required interval between procedures and do sugaring too often. If hairs are less than 1/5 inches long, the paste may not pick them up, which will result in stubs. If hairs are too short, the sugaring procedure will be ineffective.

Improper Preparation for the Procedure

A few days before sugaring, you should use a scrub. Otherwise, keratinized cells of the epidermis will prevent the paste from adhering to the hairs. Because of this, they will be removed only partially.

Individual Hair Structure

Sometimes, women have hair shafts twisted. Most often this happens with hairs on the legs after long-term wearing of tight pants or tights. In this case, the only way to achieve perfectly smooth skin is by doing the treatment several times.

How to Avoid Stubs

Improper Preparation for the Procedure

Why short hair is left after waxing, and how to avoid this, every woman should know. If you want the skin in the exposed area to be perfectly smooth, you must focus on the following rules:

  • Regular sugaring. Visit your master every 4 weeks. After first-time sugaring, getting used to the fact that the hairs can not be removed at once after their appearance will be difficult. But after several procedures, they will become weak and light. So waiting for the next procedure will be much easier.

  • Hydration. Using moisturizing lotions and creams is recommended every day, after taking a shower.

  • Scrubbing. It is necessary to know how to prepare your skin for sugaring. Use scrubs every 96 hours for the exfoliation of dead cells. Peeling will help to avoid ingrown hairs and bacteria.

To prevent stumps after sugaring, it is necessary to understand the reasons for their appearance and strictly follow the recommendations of the master. In this case, the perfect skin will delight you for a long time.

Eva Moss
Written by Eva Moss

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