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Why "stubs" remain after sugaring and what to do about it?

«Stubs» that appear after sugaring

Sometimes, especially after the first sugaring procedure, some unremoved short hairs, the so-called "stubs" remain.  When running a  hand over the skin, it feels  prickly, and this is very frustrating for the client. Let’s see why it happens and how to avoid it.

Why "stubs" are still there after sugaring?

There are  several reasons for that:

  1. Uneven hair growth. While some hairs have already grown, others only appear above the surface of the skin. Therefore, during hair removal, short hairs are not captured. With regular sugaring, this problem disappears, because the phase of hair growth is synchronized, and all hair will continue to grow at the same time. That's why the practitioners advise all clients not to take a break from hair removal in autumn-winter, and not to use the razor. After the first epilation, it is better to wait for 4 weeks. During this time, all the hairs will become the right length. Do not forget to use scrub 2–3 times a week to avoid ingrown hairs.

For the best results perform sugaring regularly

  1. Breaking of hairs. This may happen when hairs are too brittle or fragile, when the body lacks vitamins or for genetic reasons. In this case, a checkup with a physician, a vitamin complex and proper nutrition are necessary.
  2. Insufficient paste coverage. Most likely, it happens because the paste density is chosen incorrectly. The paste can get very soft due to prolonged contact with the hands of the practitioner. Sometimes when the paste is applied incorrectly (when a strip is too wide) it won’t be able to envelop enough hair. To increase the adhesion of the paste to hair apply, talc powder before using the paste.
  3. Hair curling. This may be a physiological feature or, for example, wearing tights can provoke curling of hair on the legs. There’s a trick for such situations. First, apply a softer paste. When all hairs fall into the sweet trap, apply  a harder paste and remove it altogether.
  4. Paste handling mistakes. Incorrectly applied paste – you need to apply the paste in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Tearing it off in a wrong way – you need to remove the paste along the hair growth, with a sharp quick movement parallel to the skin.
  5. Skin is not properly prepared for the procedure. The skin must be cleaned with a scrub and de oiled with a special lotion. Between the procedures you need to follow all the recommendations provided to you by the practitioner.

When doing sugaring regularly the "stubs" will disappear. It is also important to choose the right density of the paste and apply it correctly.

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