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The Reasons Why Your Brazilian Will Be Less Painful Over Time

The Reasons Why Your Brazilian Will Be Less Painful Over Time

For the first time, it is not so easy to decide on Brazilian sugaring. You don’t know what to expect. Women are concerned about many issues. How long will the effect last and how it will look like? But the most important point that worries everyone is the sensations during the procedure. Does it hurt to use sugar paste for the bikini area? You will find the answer below in our article.

First and Second-Time Sugaring

Sugar and wax depilation is a gentle procedure. But still, the master will pull out several hairs located on a certain area at once. Therefore, there is pain during the sugaring. The only question is whether it can be endured for the sake of smooth and beautiful skin and how to make a Brazilian wax less painful.

The first and second sugaring procedures cause some discomfort. If you want to know if waxing is painful for the first time, it would be wrong to say that it does not hurt at all. You may even have heard that someone tried one procedure, decided that it hurt, and did not go again.

All pain that you feel is because you come to the first session after a long time of depilation with a razor. The hair is thick, strong, and thick. Therefore, their removal is quite painful.

But the result in the form of smooth and delicate skin that will delight you for 3-4 weeks exceeds all expectations. Therefore, at the first and second sugaring, you should just be patient, because each time you will feel less and less discomfort.

The Reasons Why Your Brazilian Will Be Less Painful Over Time

Third and Fourth-Time Sugaring

To minimize pain when using a sugaring paste to remove unwanted hair, it is important to follow all the recommendations of the master. If after the first time you stop using a razor, the pain is significantly reduced by 3-4 times already.

The fact is that during sugaring, the hair is removed along with the root. Therefore, as they grow back, they become thinner and grow more slowly. The intervals between procedures increase and in time you don’t need to think about how to reduce waxing pain. The effectiveness of the procedures definitely outweighs the pain.

Tips to Reduce Waxing Pain

Brazilian hair removal with Sugaring Factory sugar paste is not as painful as waxing. The level of pain depends on the length of the hair and how you prepared for the procedure.

The optimal hair length for epilation is ⅕ of an inch. If the hairs are shorter, it is much more difficult to remove them. If they are longer, the process will be more painful and you may need Brazilian wax pain relief.

Also, the degree of comfort is affected by preliminary skin scrubbing a few days before the procedure. Also, you shouldn’t use oil-based cosmetics 1-2 days before the session. In the first case, the keratinized particles of the skin are removed and it is cleansed. Secondly, the presence of oils will complicate the process of adhesion of hair removal products to the hair. This will lead to increased pain and an increase in the duration of the procedure. Always listen to the advice of your master, and you will feel minimum discomfort.

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