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Is it allowed to use a microwave to reheat the paste?

Turn it off! Or should you microwave the sugar paste or not?

First, I'll give you a short crash course on how microwave oven works

A microwave oven is an appliance that heats up the water-containing substances with electromagnetic emanation (magnetron). It was invented for warming up and defrosting food.

The microwave oven makes the water molecules “get ecstatic”: they boil and quickly warm up everything around, including the sugaring products.

Unfortunately, when the molecules get heated, they break all connections around themselves turning natural foods into something “food-like”. Basically they destroy all vitamins, micro and macro elements. Microwave ovens were invented in 1946 in the USA and in those times people didn’t know about it’s ability to “kill everything that moves”.

Despite popular myths, no carcinogens are produced in the process of heating, so this method of warming food up is safe. Although, nothing healthy happens during the process and some good stuff is being “evaporated by boiling”.

The same happens to sugar paste. The microwave destroys the sugaring microtexture, “breaking” macromolecular bonds of the “sensitive” paste composition. Technologists and chemists are constantly testing and improving the parameters of the sugar paste “elasticity”. Believe me, high quality sugar paste is not just a mixture of fructose and water – it’s hours of calculations, hundreds of experiments, trial and error and hard work to find the best formula of ingredients in the right proportions.

do not use a microwave to break up the sugar paste

Sugaring production is hell for a beauty product factory. It’s much harder to produce sugar paste than, for example, wax for epilation or other things, like lotions, shampoo, etc. That is why there are not a lot of sugar paste producers and sugaring paste suppliers: only a few serious producers with experience and highly qualified specialists can make it.

Thus after using the microwave you get a kind of “homemade goo” out of good paste and it will fall apart as soon as you start working with it.

Summing up it up, don’t use a microwave oven while working with the sugar paste!

Some practitioners do use the microwave oven to warm up the paste for 15-20 sec before the procedure to “get it out of the container”. But warming it up this way can be very dangerous. You can easily overheat it as it heats up from inside and it’s very difficult to understand how hot it is. The microwave oven heats up the core of the container leaving the outer part of the container cold. There were cases when practitioners overheated the paste (even extra 5 seconds is enough) and got serious burns when they reached in the container to scoop the paste. The paste easily heats up to 140–160С (280F-320F)!

Additionally, while heating the paste, the microwave evaporates some of the water and the sugaring paste becomes harder than it was. You’re pretty much “overcooking it” and it's impossible to predict how hard it will get. Our sugaring paste doesn't need to be heated. Read more:

Take care of yourself and observe safety precautions at your workplace!

Professionals, even with 10 years of experience try not to use “microwave help”. Only if there is very little paste is left and you’re sure that the warmed up paste will be 100% used in the next hour. We do not recommend using the microwave oven to warm up the paste at all. The safety comes first!

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