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Is it allowed to use a microwave to reheat the paste?

Before starting the sugaring, it is necessary to carry out preparatory measures, in particular, to warm up the sugar paste. Otherwise, it may remain too hard, even after vigorous kneading with your fingers, which will reduce effectiveness and leave a bad impression of the procedure. Many novice technicians are wondering “Can you reheat sugar wax in the microwave?”. It is this question that we will discuss below.

How Does a Microwave Oven Work?

To understand if reheating sugar wax is possible in the microwave, first, we need to understand how the device works. A microwave oven is a household electrical appliance that heats water-containing substances with electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves were invented in the USA in 1946. Then it was a revolutionary method of heating and no one really thought about the effect of electromagnetic rays on the composition of the product.

A microwave oven affects water molecules, which begin to boil and quickly heat up everything, be it some kind of food or sugar paste. Unfortunately, when heated, the molecules break all bonds around, destroying vitamins and useful substances. Despite the mass of myths, carcinogens are not released when something is heated. Heating food in the microwave is not harmful but the beneficial substances evaporate after heating.

How Does a Microwave Oven Work?

Is It Possible to Heat Sugar Paste in the Microwave?

When you use a microwave, sugar wax composition is being crashed. The electromagnetic rays destroy the microstructure of the sugaring, breaking the macromolecular bonds of the paste composition. Quality sugar paste is not just a mixture of citric acid and sugar with purified water. These are careful calculations that allow you to create the most effective formula.

Sugar paste is much more difficult to make than, for example, wax for hair removal. By the way, that is why it is so difficult to find a reliable manufacturer of products and cosmetics for sugaring. Only the most serious producers like Sugaring Factory and specialists with the highest level of training succeed.

We do not recommend heating sugar wax in the microwave. Otherwise, you will end up with a liquid mixture that will spread under your fingers.

So how to heat up sugar wax? Many masters still use the microwave. But heating in this way can only be afforded by experienced practitioners who can determine the short heating time exactly to the seconds and are sure that they use all the paste from the container within an hour. Otherwise, the product will simply overheat and deteriorate, and there is also a risk of burns.

Do I need to Heat Up the Sugar Paste Before Use?

How to reheat sugar wax, you may ask? Very often the sugar paste doesn’t need to be heated. If it is soft, then you do not heat it at all, otherwise, the composition will start to flow. Medium paste can be warmed up by hand while kneading. Again, it depends on what sugaring technique the master will use. For example, with a manual method, the preheating process is not required but when using a bandage technique, it is mandatory.

The paste must be heated very carefully. Otherwise, there is a risk of severe burns because the sugar wax temperature may rise suddenly. Also, if the paste is heated too much, the composition will start to flow and it will be inconvenient to use it. So you won’t be able to achieve the desired effect.

Do I need to Heat Up the Sugar Paste Before Use?

Not every paste for sugaring requires preheating. For example, such a well-known manufacturer as Sugaring Factory offers high-quality sugar pastes that are immediately ready for use and do not need to be preheated. This not only facilitates their use but also completely eliminates the possibility of burns.

How to Heat Up Sugar Paste

If the sugar paste is too hard, some specialists recommend mixing it with a medium product to make it more elastic. But if you break the proportions even a little, then the composition will become too soft and it will be difficult to remove coarse hairs.

If the paste still needs to be heated, it is best to use a wax melter. This is a special device used for waxing and sugaring. Many technicians consider it as the best choice because it provides uniform heating and can maintain the desired temperature.

This device is especially necessary when you need a big amount of paste, for example, for a few people or large areas to be treated. Kneading such an amount with your hands is tiring for hands. Wax melter allows not only to fast and evenly heat up as much product as you need. The device lets you maintain the optimum temperature of the sugar paste for a long time for its most efficient, easy, and safe use.

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