How to reduce the pain while sugaring the bikini zone?

How to reduce the pain while sugaring the bikini zone?

The popularity of sugaring, as an effective way of epilation using the sugar paste or caramel, is growing with every day. The procedure is widely used to remove hair in the bikini zone, because it allows one to achieve great results for a long time. In addition, sugaring is one of the safest and painless ways to remove unwanted hair, which is important for such a delicate and sensitive area as the bikini area.

How to reduce pain? 
Removing hair in the bikini area with sugar paste still causes pain, albeit not as severe as other methods of epilation. It is impossible to avoid pain completely, but it is quite possible to reduce the pain.


Observance of simple rules will help make the sugaring procedure even less painful:
• having the procedure after critical days from 13 to 15 o'clock in the afternoon, when the body is least susceptible to painful sensations and the pain threshhold is as high as possible;
• taking pain medication 30 minutes before the sugar epilation;
• using scrubs 48 hours before sugaring to remove dead skin cells of the epidermis and careful preparing skin for the procedure;
• the correct choice of the paste, which should have a fairly high density, to remove coarse hair well;
• optimal hair length of 5-6 mm (1.9-2.3 inches);
• perfectly dry surface of the skin.

Before sugaring it is strictly forbidden to treat the area of bikini with fatty creams, milk. They reduce the degree of adhesion of the epidermis to the sugar paste. Positive mood, calmness, deep breathing will also help reduce the soreness during the sugaring of groin area. Observing these simple rules, you can avoid strong painful sensations when removing hair with sugar paste in the bikini zone, and make this effective procedure even more enjoyable!

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