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5 reasons to give up mechanical epilation in favor of sugaring

Sugaring vs. Mechanical epilation

Sometimes you can hear an opinion, that sugaring has no difference from mechanical epilation. Under term mechanical epilation, we understand hair removal with electrical device – epilator. Let's see if it's really so.


During sugaring hair removal is being performed with a special paste from 100% natural ingredients. Specialist applying it against hair growth, and then pull it off with a fast move. As a result, hair comes out with its follicle.

Hair removal with epilator, is happening by grasping hair with metal plates (tweezers). Hair is also coming out with a root, just like in sugaring.

Pain level

Of course, first and main index – is pain level, which is individual for every person. However, practicing specialists claim, that sugaring is way less painful than hair removal with epilator.

Probably, secret is in technique of procedure performance. On numerous forums, devoted to epilation, women confirm, that pain during hair removal with epilator – is always shock. And advertised devices (with cooling tips, vibrating and other “innovations”) absolutely don't help to bear it.

During sugaring specialist is contacting with a client, spreading warm paste, slightly pushing on the skin, talking, calming, – all that probably, is a factor, that soothe the pain.

Sugar paste provides 100% result without ingrown hair

Impact on the skin

The main problem, that women come across, using the epilator – is ingrown hair. And it really is a problem! This question is a subject of many posts and forums. More to that, with a wrong technique hair's root is rotating, and hair start to grow in different directions.

It is almost impossible to get ingrown hair after sugaring, if it was performed correctly. More to that, during procedure a grasp of upper, dead epidermis cells is taking place, creating an effect of gentle peeling. Skin becomes more smooth and silky.

Another not less important aspect – irritation after the procedure. After work with epilator, irritation is more obvious, often you can even see minor skin swelling. Sugaring almost excludes a chance of irritation.

Procedure frequency

After sugaring and using an epilator, hair become thinner, less notable, and you need to repeat procedure less and less. However, modern epilators allow to remove hair, from 1 mm long. When in sugaring, professionals can work with hair from 2 mm long.


Index Sugaring Epilator
Result Removes hair with root Removes hair with root
Pain Minor, get less notable after 2-3 procedures Significant, very hard to get used to
Ingrown hair Insignificant, with correct performance – none Significant,with a possible change of hair growth direction
Skin reaction
  1. Irritation – never happens, rare
  2. Gentle peeling
  3. Possible redness
  1. Severe irritation
  2. Skin swell
  3. Severe redness
Hair grasp From 2mm (specialist) From 1mm
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Written by Eva Moss

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