TALC POWDER sterile, asbestos free

8 oz / 0.5 lbs
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Cruelty free

Gluten free


100% natural
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Talcum powder – is the best choice for sugaring.

For your information talcum powder IS NOT a hazardous product and can be used in the hair removal procedure.
Link to the FDA proof website: https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/cosmetic-ingredients/talc

Guidance: Dry powder removes extra moisture from the skin surface before the procedure and after it. Buy talc powder from Sugaring Factory online and protect your skin from damage. We recommend this product for a successful sugaring. Read the instructions before using.

Direction: Spread some talc powder on the skin to absorb extra moisture. Dry skin is an important condition for sugaring.

Ingredients: Sterile Micro Talc Powder (white, asbestos free!)

Made in USA by Sugaring Factory™

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Areas of abnormality such as recent scar tissue, skin graft, moles or warts. Any skin disease, abrasion, wound, pimples, rashes, inflammation, pus or infection, or area that may be skin cancer.