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SPATULA - Cosmetic Stainless Steel

SPATULA - Cosmetic Stainless Steel

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SPATULA – cosmetic stainless steel

Buy SPATULA for hair removal! The best-designed accessory for sugaring!

When to use a steel spatula for sugaring

We recommend buying spatula for using to scoop the sugar paste out of the container. A steel spatula hair removal doesn't bend and doesn't get rusty. It's easy to clean and disinfect. Made of German surgical stainless steel. An expiration date for spatula for hair removal – everlasting.

Made in USA by Sugaring Factory™

For professional use only!

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Areas of abnormality such as recent scar tissue, skin graft, moles or warts. Any skin disease, abrasion, wound, pimples, rashes, inflammation, pus or infection, or area that may be skin cancer.