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LUXURY SIX UP - 300oz!

LUXURY SIX UP - 300oz!

300 oz / 18.8 lbs
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Cruelty free
Gluten free
100% natural
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You can select the firmness of the sugar!

No professional licenses are required! FedEx delivery approximately 3-6 days

FIT STANDARD wax warmers!

A plastic container with a snap-on lid (bucket). This container is made for professionals who value their time. The container opens and closes easily. The label is only on top. This allows the esthetician to see who much paste is left. We recommend this type of containers for estheticians to keep in the working area where you don't need to open and close it many times or transport it anywhere.

Ingredients: Natural Sugar, Organic Citric Acid, Purified Water.

Made in USA by Sugaring Factory™

For professional use only!

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Areas of abnormality such as recent scar tissue, skin graft, moles or warts. Any skin disease, abrasion, wound, pimples, rashes, inflammation, pus or infection, or area that may be skin cancer.