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Sugaring Paste Luxury HOME - MEDIUM consistency

Sugaring Paste Luxury HOME - MEDIUM consistency

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Sugaring Factory offers organic products for effective and natural body hair removal through sugaring. This method of hair removal (from the face, hands, legs, back, Brazilian bikini) is highly effective as it lets you avoid skin trauma and hair damage.
Sugaring with our high-quality sugar paste allows you to achieve a long-term effect (more than 3 weeks). This procedure can be performed in a beauty treatment salon by a specialist or at home by yourself.

Every pack of sugaring paste by Sugaring Factory contains a high-quality product. The ingredients of best sugar wax are Natural Organic Sugar, Purified Water, Organic Citric Acid,

The Sugaring Factory Home line has 3 types of paste: Soft (for waxing-strips), Medium (all-purpose, universal paste) and Hard (thick hair, Brazilian bikini, underarm).

SUGARING instruction for beginners:
1) Hair must be at least 0.3 inches (5-6 mm) long. Avoid visiting tanning booth, pool, sauna a day before the procedure.
2) Always use nitrile gloves.
3) Thoroughly clean and disinfect to the area of hair removal. Sprinkle it with some drying powder if needed.
4) If necessary, slightly preheat the paste by using standard waxing warmer or candle warmer.
5) Apply some sugar paste on the area you are removing hair from. Pull the skin with your free hand.
6) With a quick movement tear the paste according to the hair growth and along the skin surface.
7) You can use the same piece of sugar paste until it starts sticking to your hands.
8) If needed remove the traces of the paste using waxing-strips or wash them away with warm water.

Made in USA by Sugaring Factory

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Areas of abnormality such as recent scar tissue, skin graft, moles or warts. Any skin disease, abrasion, wound, pimples, rashes, inflammation, pus or infection, or area that may be skin cancer.