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Feel bright with Brazilian bikini!

Need a bulk? No problem!

The best choice of the hair removal solution
for Beauty Salons and Spas

and also for usage at home.




Bundle of 12 pieces

!A new sugaring paste recipe

.It's so easy to use sugaring paste for home

Effective and efficient -

the best sugaring paste you can find on the beauty market.




Sugaring Factory is the best sugar paste in California.

!Extremely elastic formula

 "The best sugaring paste in the USA"





Introducing a new system of sugar epilation

SPECIAL OFFER for Private Labeling – from 48 to 96 pcs for BIZ only
2,176 oz / 136.0 lbs

SPECIAL OFFER for Private Labeling – from 48 to 96 pcs for BIZ only
2,176 oz / 136.0 lbs

Brand: U.S.A.
In Stock

Delivery: 6-9 days
State unspecified
Postal Code unspecified
If you would like to order more than 96 items, please contact us.

Please select required amount for each type:
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Price: $1,344.00

Special Offer for Private Labeling. You will receive jars WITHOUT labels (as you see in the picture).

No professional licenses required! DOES NOT fit standard warmers, only for wide neck professional heaters.

FedEx Ground / Home Delivery - approximately 5-9 days for order processing.

A plastic container with screw cap. This type of a container has a screw cap with an inner membrane that ensures easy opening, even if the container is upside down. The screw cap allows closing the container tightly when being opened and closed multiple times as well as repeatedly transported. Like this containers a lot and recommend them for display, exhibitions and so one. 

Ingredients: Natural Sugar, Organic Citric Acid, Purified Water.

Made in the USA by Sugaring Factory LLC™

CONTRAINDICATIONS: 1. Idiosyncrasy 2. Diabetes 3. Any skin damage, puss and inflammatory skin diseases, grazes, open wounds 4. Cancer.