Sugaring Factory

About our CEO


Eva Moss. Co-founder & CEO of Sugaring Factory™

Eva Moss. Co-founder & CEO Sugaring Factory LLC™

 “We make ordinary

          into prodigious. For you.”


On March 28th, 2010 - I distinctly remember that date as it was a happy time in my life – the future concept of Sugaring Factory was formed. At first, it was just an idea in my head, which later developed into a successful company.

Our motto is literally - “What we do is simple, but we do it ingeniously” :)

“Cosmetic production? Seriously? Are you out of your mind?” - This is the most common reaction to our decision of sugaring production.

Now Sugaring Factory offers quality products for sugaring and professional supplies for work.

How big is our clientele? Well, it’s hard to say exactly, but we estimate that it’s no less than 500 thousand, including the owners of Spa and Beauty Salons. I’m proud of these numbers and that we create working opportunities for many people.

One day, we will achieve those goals and reach heights that we can’t imagine right now. There is still so much more to do.

Our intention is not just to “make money” but to create a product that would be needed and appreciated by our customers. And of course, affordable to everyone.

These are not just words; this is our true goal.

We consider every customer to be our friend. But, you know, if the friend is rude, we prefer to distance ourselves from them.

What’s the meaning of life? That’s a silly question. “Do what you have to do and be as it may”:)

Standard solutions and ordinary patterns – that is not who we are. Everything that we do, we do extremely efficiently, even if it turns out to be expensive, time-consuming and challenging.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is how you lived your life, what you filled it with, how you spend the precious time given to you. We value ourselves too much, to waste our lives on things that don’t matter.

Mistakes? Sure, a couple of them almost killed our business, but those moments are my favorite because when they happen, and later when we solve them, I know I will think of them with a warm, nostalgic smile.

Competition doesn’t exist. It’s just a myth. There are partners and friends on the market of goods and services. There are plenty of people and opportunities out there giving manufacturers plenty of “elbow room”. Many others prefer fighting instead of creating, but that’s a different chapter of human psychology.

There is nothing complicated about cosmetics. Cosmetics just help us to be slightly prettier when we wake up in the morning.

You know, in my opinion, it’s better to walk at a steady pace than to run like the wind. I’m talking about business here.

With time you realize that living simply is pretty hard. But in it is the true charm of life.