LUXURY HOME SET of 12 pcs (any consistency)
144 oz / 9.0 lbs

LUXURY HOME SET of 12 pcs (any consistency)
144 oz / 9.0 lbs

Brand: U.S.A.
Delivery: 6-9 days
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Price: $272.00$189.32

SET of 12 pcs SUGARING PASTE Luxury HOME - Choose your set! Set of 12 Luxury Home only bulk orders!

No professional licenses required!

SOFT paste - suitable for waxing-strips techniques, spatula and squeegee-technique.

MEDIUM paste - suitable for any techniques (manual, waxing-strips, spatula and squeegee-technique).

HARD paste - for Brazilian Bikini or thick hair (manual technique)

Sugaring Home line does not require preheating. Easy to apply and provides maximal value.

A plastic container with cap SET of 12 pcs 12 oz ea.

Ingredients: Natural Sugar, Organic Citric Acid, Purified Water. Does not contain any chemicals, color additives, no GMO!

Made in the USA by Sugaring Factory LLC™

CONTRAINDICATIONS: 1. Idiosyncrasy 2. Diabetes 3. Any skin damage, pus and inflammatory skin diseases, grazes, open wounds 4. Cancer.


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