We'll exchange your old, empty sugaring containers for the new ones! FOR FREE!

Sugar HuntingThere's no catch here; it's real. No kidding! We're serious.

Sugaring Factory is launching an amazing, unprecedented campaign, "SUGARHUNTING" – an offer you cannot miss!

Send us an empty hair removal paste container of any sugaring manufacturer, and we'll send you a gift set of our sugar paste for free! No kidding! We mean it!

  • An offer is valid from January, 1st 2018 until June, 20th 2018
  • We send the gift sets only by shipping companies ( FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc.)
  • We accept ANY empty and old containers of ANY sugar paste manufacturer with a CLEAR UNDAMAGED LABEL - including products Sugaring Factory
  • You'll get 3 types of gift sets (small, medium or big) for free including free shipping. The small one is sent for a container up to 17 OZ. The medium one is sent for a container from 18 to 32 OZ. The big one is sent for a container from 33 OZ and above
  • You can receive up to 2 big gift sets max at a time, no matter how many containers you send
  • You can send us containers as many times as you wish
  • Delivery of empty and old containers is done at your expense. Sugaring Factory is not liable for incorrectly indicated address by the addresser or damage during transportation
  • The gift sets are sent to the address, indicated on your shipping list
  • Time of gift sets delivery can be up to 30 working days, thank you for your understanding
  • Sugaring Factory LLC reserves the right to reject any sender without explanation
  • NOTE: that the gift sets are not sent to PO boxes, only to real addresses in the USA!