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Introducing a new system

of sugar epilation!

!Extremely elastic formula

 "The best sugaring paste in the USA"




Bundle of 12 pieces




Feel bright with Brazilian bikini!

Need a bulk? No problem!

The best choice of the hair removal solution
for Beauty Salons and Spas

and also for usage at home.

Effective and efficient -

the best sugaring paste you can find on the beauty market.

SPATULA - Cosmetic Stainless Steel (tools for PROs)
3 oz / 0.2 lbs

SPATULA - Cosmetic Stainless Steel (tools for PROs)
3 oz / 0.2 lbs

Brand: U.S.A.
Delivery: 2-4 days
State unspecified
Postal Code unspecified

SPATULA – cosmetic stainless steel

Buy SPATULA for hair removal! The best-designed accessory for sugaring!

When to use a steel spatula for sugaring

We recommend buying spatula for using to scoop the sugar paste out of the container. A steel spatula hair removal doesn't bend and doesn't get rusty. It's easy to clean and disinfect. Made of German surgical stainless steel. An expiration date for spatula for hair removal – everlasting.

Made in the USA by Sugaring Factory™

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity, any skin damage, pus and inflammatory skin diseases, grazes, open wounds, cancer.