Professional sugaring supplies


  • SPATULA – cosmetic stainless steel Buy SPATULA for hair removal! The best designed accessory for sugaring! When to use a steel spatula for sugaring We recommend to buy spatula for using to scoop the sugar paste out of the container. A steel spatula hair removal doesn't bend and ..
    $25.00 $30.00
  • TONIC CHAMOMILE for post sugaring care (POST-TREAT) Direction. We recommend using a tonic as a form of skin care after sugaring. After epilation tonic removes the sugar paste residues, left on the skin after the epilation procedure. It smoothes, nourishes and tones up the skin care after sug..
    $23.00 $25.00
  • TONIC LAVENDER for post epilation care (POST-TREAT) Post epilation care – is important element of sugaring. The best option for post epilation lotion could be an oil-free product, that won't irritate skin and clog pores .After epilation lotion gently treating and soothing skin after hai..
    $19.00 $25.00
  • Talcum powder – is the best choice for sugaring Guidance: Dry powder removes extra moisture from the skin surface before the procedure and after it. Buy talc powder from Sugaring Factory online and protect your skin from damage. We recommend this product for a successful sugaring. Read the instruct..
    $12.00 $15.00

Professional waxing supplies are important components of the successful work of the sugaring specialist. In this section you can find talc, that is recommended to use before sugaring to absorb an extra moisture from the skin, to prepare it for the procedure. Two types of tonics, with convenient batchers – chamomile and lavender can be used as a form of after sugaring skin treatment. All these body waxing supplies are part of the professional sugaring.

Convenient metal spatula is our company's innovation in the field of sugar wax supplies – makes the procedure of applying the paste much easier. It is reusable and everlasting./p>

Other details about using body waxing supplies you can find in our Blog.